Got an important event or task that you need to be reminded about in the future? Set a reminder with Reminders ++ and never miss another deadline ever again. No, this isn’t just another simple reminders app that alerts you whenever you need to get something done. This one’s got all the works in it. Share your reminders with your friends, ask them to help you out with a task, set a reminder to have it recur periodically, and more!

    •Sort your reminders by priority, date, or name, so you always know which tasks matter the most to you.
    •Choose between the “Quick Reminder” and “Go Advanced” modes. You won’t have to waste time fumbling around with advanced settings when you don’t actually need them.
    •Speak to your device to set a reminder. You’ll never have to fumble around with the stuff in your hands to set a reminder ever again.
    •Add a note to your reminder to help you out with all the nitty-gritty details of your task.
    •Remind yourself to call or send a text message to someone at a certain time. Just enter the phone number of the person, type in a message, and set the date and time when you want to be reminded. When your reminder pops up, you’ll have an option to automatically place your phone call/text message.
    •Choose between three types of reminders: Set a task with no alarm to it, set a task that will remind you after a certain number of minutes or hours, or set a task that will remind you at a fixed date and time
    •Set recurring reminders for those tasks that happen frequently and repeatedly in your life. Choose between daily tasks, weekly tasks, monthly tasks, and yearly tasks. It’s fast and convenient because you won’t have to set a new reminder each time you need to be reminded of the same exact task, at a different date and time.
    •Share your reminder with friends and family via emails and text messages. Your reminder’s name and note will be used as the default subject line/message body, but you can also change these fields to your liking.
    •Set repeating alerts so you don’t miss out on any of your reminder notifications while you’re not around. Throw in the number of minutes or hours for the alert to repeat, and your phone will keep reminding you for that time interval until you tell it to stop.
    •Choose your favorite between a black theme and a white theme.
    •For added ease of use, you can choose to automatically delete a reminder as soon as its notification has been shown.

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    Reminders ++ uses the following permissions to function properly:
    •READ_CONTACTS: Allows the app to display a list of contacts if you choose to share your reminder with others.
    •READ_PHONE_STATE: Allows the app to detect whether you are using a phone, tablet or other device. This allows the app to disable features that do not work with your device.
    •VIBRATE: Allows the app to vibrate your device when your reminder goes off (if you have a vibrating alert).
    •SEND_SMS: Allows the app to send a text message (SMS) to your chosen recipient (if you choose to share your reminder with others).
    •CALL_PHONE: Allows the app to initiate a phone call (with your permission). This is used only if you have set a reminder to remind you to call someone at a particular time.
    •RECEIVE_BOOT_COMPLETED: Android automatically deletes all alarms (including reminders) when your phone is switched off. This permission allows the app to detect when your device has been restarted and recreate your reminder alerts as necessary.

    LEGAL NOTE: Some icons and artwork in this app have been derived from the Oxygen Icon Theme, which is distributed under the CC BY 3.0 License. Go here to view the full license:

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