Remote Alarm Clock




    Ever wanted to set your phone's alarm clock when you didn't have your phone by your side? Now you can! Remote Alarm Clock lets you remotely set your phone's alarm clock from any PC/Mac in the world.

    How it works:
    1. Open Google Calendar ( on your PC/Mac
    2. Create a new calendar entry called "Alarm", beginning at the time you want the alarm to go off
    3. Your phone will recognize the calendar entry and will set your favorite alarm clock app to go off at the specified time
    4. The app will add an "[ALARM SET]"-note to the Google Calendar entry to let you know that setting the alarm worked.

    Please note:
    * Removing or modifying an alarm calendar entry on Google Calendar will *not* remove/change that alarm on your device. Removing and changing alarms in the stock alarm clock is unfortunately impossible.
    * You can only set alarms within the next 24 hours, since the Android Alarm clock doesn't support setting alarms for specific dates

    If you've got any feedback or suggestions, please let me know!

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