Remote DeFTP Pro

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    Remote DeFTP is a FTP File Editor for DeVelopers besides being a FTP Browser. Remote DeFTP comes with a unique built in Versioning System. It allows developers to safely edit files and being able to revert back to an older version, called a "Version". Remote DeFTP gives you full control over the Versions you want to maintain of a file. Versions are coupled automatically to their remote source, this includes the FTP Account and Folder on the Remote Server. No need change the active FTP Connection, just make the changes you want and upload directly to the correct Remote Folder on the FTP without the need for selecting the FTP Server and Folder. The editor within Remote DeFTP has assigned frequently used characters to buttons to make programming more easy. Besides being a FTP client with Versioning, it's also an file local browser. It's ideal for people who want to edit files on the fly/road (like ASP, PHP or any other text file). It is the DeVelopers' FTP, Remote DeFTP.

    Remote DeFTP Features:

    - Unlimited* FTP Accounts
    - Download Files and Directories (Recursively) to your device
    - Download/Upload modes: Auto, Binary and Ascii
    - Download/Upload Resume (Binary Files Only)
    - FTPS Support: Explicit (Control Channel Encryption) & Implicit (Control + Data Channel Encryption)
    - Browse FTP Servers and the local filesystem''
    - Edit NewLine type of files: CRLF, CR or LF
    - Edit source code files (any text based file)
    - Edit safely^ with built-in Versioning System
    - Store Unilimited* Versions of a File
    - Store files to the built-in Versioning Database and/or directly to the storage on your device
    - Create & add your own Versions of files during editing
    - Create & Upload new files
    - Supports a wide range of FTP Servers (Unix, Linux, MS-Dos, Windows, EPLF, Webstar)

    * The only limitation for storage is your storage capacity
    ^ Always make sure you've tested Remote DeFTP with the FTP Server you're editing on before making changes to important files
    '' Filesystem access depends on the permissions of the directories/files you try to open and view