Repeat Reminder




    Do you have to repeat something every so often? Then, this app may be for you.

    Simply set your interval, press "Start" and put your phone to sleep. You will get a beep every interval ... forever (well, until you "Stop" the app).

    There are a number of options to make the app work just right for you.

    2 modes
    * In the Alarm mode, you can put your phone to sleep (press the Power button)
    * In the Interval Training, aka Countdown, mode, the phone will countdown each period

    * Stores "favorites" -- up to 9 for Alarm, 9 for Interval Training
    * Swipe through your favorites
    * Each favorite has its unique color (also a number at the top-right)

    Use it for any of the following :
    * Pill reminder
    * Take a break from staring at your computer screen (or co-worker)
    * Interval training [two-phase ... work/rest, study/internet]
    * Round-the-dinner-table "debates"
    * Kitchen timer (heck, I use it when making pancakes!)
    * Get off your butt periodically (in the office)

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