Description is a smart application designed by Repeat Purchase India Pvt. Ltd.
    We hope that this utility will help you save time and take the stress out of doing the mundane household chores.

    If you have time at hand do read the RepeatTasks Case studies

    Manju had an annual maintenance contract (AMC) for her Aquaguard RO water filter, which entitled her to a quarterly servicing of the water filter. She does not remember when the last servicing was done and whether it is time for the next one. She does not have the contact number or contract details of Eureka Forbes handy. She does not know whether the company will call up to fix an appointment, or whether she needs to do it.

    Ramya has an annual pest control contract with RSS Hi-care. Today she saw some ants in her bathroom! She could not recollect whether the technician from RSS Hi-Care was supposed to come twice a year or thrice a year; neither could she recall when was the last time he had come?

    Rahul was at home on a Saturday afternoon when the Dhobi came in with the laundry. His wife was not at home. The Dhobi asked for his monthly payments. Neither did Rahul know how many clothes he was supposed to receive, nor did he know the total number of clothes given to the Dhobi in the month.

    Mukund wanted to deduct the advance he had given to his driver while paying his monthly salary, but as can be expected, he could not remember the exact amount.

    Puja often has guests visiting her house. On such days, she buys extra milk from the milkman. She trusts the milkman but while paying him she always feels it would have been good to record the days on which she bought extra milk or those days when she did not buy milk at all!

    Rajiv had never ever expected his Sony 41 inch LCD TV to stop working. Now he is struggling to find the contact details, his warranty and his bill, so that he can register a service request. Diya is a voracious reader; she also has many books. She and her friends often share books with each other. She would love to let her friends know about her collection of books. She would also like to know what books her friends have.

    May be your friend has a karaoke set which he uses sparingly, and would love to share it with you? Do you still want to buy one of your own?

    There are many more such household chores.. Many of which you can set up on to make your life simpler.

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