Retune is an iTunes remote, it allows you to use your Android device to control iTunes! Use your Android device to change songs, TV shows, movies from anywhere in your home!

    iTunes 11 is fully supported with Up Next support!

    Retune will work on any of the following DACP servers:
    * iTunes v10 or later
    * MonkeyTunes for MediaMonkey v1.7.1.1 or later
    * AlbumPlayer TouchRemote
    * TouchRemote DACP Server for Foobar2000

    Features Include:
    * Ability to toggle playing/pause, seek in a song, skip forward and backward, set shuffle/repeat, and toggle iTunes visualizer
    * View all iTunes songs, artists, albums, genres, and composers.
    * View and play all iTunes movies, rentals, TV Shows, podcasts, iTunes U courses, and audiobooks
    * View playlists.
    * View genius mixes.
    * Ability to play music from any of the viewing categories (songs, artists, albums, genres, composers, playlists, genius mixes, and radio).
    * Ability to start a genius playlist from the currently playing song.
    * Ability to search for music, movies, TV Shows, podcasts, and iTunes U courses.
    * Set which iTunes speakers to use and the current volume for any of those speakers.
    * Tell iTunes to stream to an Apple TV.
    * iTunes 11 Up Next Support. Add songs, albums, artist, genres, composers, and playlists to the Up Next list. Including the ability to view/remove/reorder songs and parts of the Up Next list.
    * MonkeyTunes Play Queue support.
    * View album artwork.
    * Notification (including expanded notification) controls.
    * Lockscreen controls. This requires Audio Focus so if you do not like this behavior you can disable the feature in settings. Android 4.2 has a defect with lockscreen controls causing problems on the lockscreen. This option is disabled by default for Android 4.2. Use lockscreen widgets instead for a better user experience.
    * Built from the ground up to support both phones and tablets!
    * Multiple Widgets both for small and large screens.
    * Lockscreen widgets for devices that support it (turn off lockscreen controls for best experience)
    * Rate songs right from Retune.
    * Enjoy either the light or dark theme.
    * Use your device's physical volume buttons to control the iTunes volume within the Retune app.
    * Ability to enable Retune to pause the currently playing song when a call is received and start playing again once the call finishes.
    * Side bar support for quick navigation.
    * Shared library support.
    * List and Grid view support.
    * Ability to lock the screen on.
    * View the now playing artist/album from the Now Playing screen.
    * Integration with MusicBoss for Pebble. Requires Music Boss 1.6.1+
    * iTunes Radio support (iTunes 11.1 required)

    * WIFI for Android device to connect to iTunes.
    * Computer running iTunes v10.0, MonkeyTunes for MediaMonkey, AlbumPlayer TouchRemote, or TouchRemote for Foobar2000 on the same network as your Android device. Retune has not been tested with any other DACP servers which have not been listed as supported.

    Special Thanks To:
    Antoine Pillot for translating to French.
    Lucas Felipe da Cunha for translating to Portuguese.
    Jonas Hufen for translating to German.
    Hwanmoo Yong for translating to Korean.
    Armando Lozano Gallegos for translating to Spanish.
    Mario Nicolas Cappello for translating to Italian.

    If you would like to help translate Retune to another language please contact me using the developer email and we can work together to add a translation.

    Retune does not play iTunes music on your Android device. It is merely a remote for iTunes.

    iTunes, AirPort, AirPlay and AppleTV are trademarks of Apple Inc. Other trademarks are the property of their respective owners. Retune is not authorized or approved by Apple Inc.

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    Jeff N

    by Jeff N

    Jul 02, 2017  |  "Poor"

    Currently will not work with the new Android OS Galaxy S7. Used to be the Go To app for itunes remote but I have to find a new app. Keep your old phone if you want to use this.

    Phill Robb

    by Phill Robb

    Jun 30, 2017  |  "OK"

    Used to work fine, now nothing.

    Junior SMS

    by Junior SMS

    Jun 27, 2017  |  "Good"

    Stop working on Android 7 - Nougat. Searching and browsing does not filter results anymore. Please fix it, since that's the best iTunes Remote on Google Play!!! Thx!!!

    Logan Stagg

    by Logan Stagg

    Jun 21, 2017  |  "OK"

    I loved this app until one day after an android update it stopped working and hasnt worked for a few weeks now. Very disappointed to lose a great app.

    Andrew Beeching

    by Andrew Beeching

    Jun 18, 2017  |  "Poor"

    If anyone else finds an app that is a decent replacement for retune please post it here. Retune is now dead

    Brian Raley

    by Brian Raley

    Jun 18, 2017  |  "OK"

    It used to work wonderfully. Now you can no longer change albums. You can skip forward or back to the next song and change the volume that's it