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    High frequency electronics toolbox for Microwave engineers, RF professionals, EMC technicians, radio-amateur,students, astronomer and electronic hobbyists.

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    This lite version includes the following tools:

    1) PI and T attenuator
    2) Reflectometer (VSWR, Return loss)
    3) Mismatch error limits (VSWR, Return loss)
    4) Parallel LCR impedance/resonance
    5) Capacitor impedance
    6) Lowpass filter
    7) Capacitor plate calculator
    8) Power and Voltage Converter
    9) Coupler directivity calculator.
    10) Wavelength calculator
    11) Skin depth (DC and AC resistance)
    12) Microstrip line calculator

    Tools in full version includes;

    1) Noise floor (Kelvin,dBm)
    2) Amplifier cascade (NF, Gain, P1db, OIP2, OIP3)
    3) Radar equation (2-way path loss)
    4) Radio equation (1-way path loss)
    5) Power and voltage converter (W,dBm,V,dBµV)
    6) Field intensity and power density converter (W/m2, V/m, A/m, Tesla, Gauss,dBm, W)
    7) Mismatch error limits (VSWR, Return loss)
    8) Reflectometer (VSWR, Return loss)
    9) Mitered Bend
    10) Divider and Couplers (Wilkinson, Rat race, Branchline , microstrip and lumped)
    11) Balanced and und balanced PI and T attenuator
    12) Skin depth (DC and AC resistance)
    13) PCB Trace calculator (impedance/dimensions)
    - Microstrip
    - Stripline
    - Coplanar waveguide
    - Coupled microstrip
    - Coupled stripline
    14) Image rejection (amplitude and phase imbalance)
    15) Mixer harmonics (up and down convertion)
    16) Helical antenna
    17) Peak to RMS (peak, RMS, average, CF)
    18) Air Core Inductor Inductance
    19) Parallel plate Capacitor
    20) PI, T and L attenuator
    21) Ohm's Law
    22) Parallel LCR impedance/resonance
    23) Series LCR impedance/resonance
    24) Inductor impedance
    25) Capacitance impedance
    26) Antenna temperature (Kelvin)
    27) Radar Cross Section (RCS) calculator (Sphere,Cylinder, flat plate, corners, dBsm)
    28) Noise Figure Y-Factor Methode
    29) EMC (EIRP, ERP, dBµV/m)
    30) Noise figure converter (dB, linear, Kelvin)
    31) Frequency Band Designations (IEEE Radar band, Military Radar band, Radio band, Satellite, Waveguide band)
    32) Resistor color code (reverse lookup, 3 to 6 band)
    33) Filter Design (Butterworth, Chebyshev, prototype):
    - Low pass
    - High pass filter
    - Band pass
    - Band stop filter
    34) µ-Filter Design (microstrip, stripline):
    - Interchange of Circuits
    - Kuroda's Identities
    - Series and Shunt Circuit lines
    - Coupled line Circuits
    - Stepped Impedance
    35) PCB Trace Width and Clearance Calculator
    36) Series and Parallel component (R, L and C) calculations.
    37) Reverse Series and Parallel resistor calculations.
    38) Inductor Color Code Calculator.
    39) Capacitor Charge Calculator.
    40) Led Resistor Calculator.
    41) Voltage Divider Calculator.
    42) Thin Film Resistor Calculator (Trim and non Trim)
    43) Opamp Calculator
    44) Lumped Balun Calculator
    45) Wavelength calculator
    46) L-Network Matching Calculator
    47) LCR Parallel - Series Conversion Calculator
    48) PI & T-Network Matching Calculator
    49) Coax Line Calculator
    50) Twisted pair Calculator
    51) Lumped-Distributed Equivalences calculator
    52) Fresnel Calculator
    53) Inductor Charge Calculator.
    54) Heat Sink temperature calculator
    55) Thermal via calculator
    56) Coupler directivity calculator
    57) Cavity resonance calculator
    58) Resistor SMD Code calculator
    59) Waveguide calculator
    60) Lumped phase shifter calculator
    61) Series section impedance matching transformers
    - Series section transformer
    - Quarter Wave transformer
    - Bramham (12th wave) transformer
    - Regier transformer
    62) Power (dBm) add calculator
    63) Doherty PA calculator
    64) Novel Three-Way Doherty PA calculator
    65) Conventional Three-Way Doherty PA calculator
    66) Circular Waveguide calculator

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    Kanak Narayan Shil

    by Kanak Narayan Shil

    Jun 13, 2017  |  "Awesome"


    Dendi Rochendi

    by Dendi Rochendi

    Sep 29, 2016  |  "Awesome"

    Microstrip filter not yet present

    changiz meshki

    by changiz meshki

    Dec 12, 2015  |  "Great"

    Very good and easy ap for me at work in IT telecom

    Mike Tyson

    by Mike Tyson

    Sep 13, 2015  |  "Awesome"

    DUE TOO DEVELOPERS FROM THE LAND OF SUPER AWESOME COOLness.... ty so much. Apps for adults that work n not play rock! ( sad ppl actually have time to play games like Tetris n omfg! Solitary type mind waste. So sad. Ppl cant use THEIR POWERS OF " "IMAGINATION"=== which I.m.h.o. MAKE US ALL "the GODS!" (Yep. I just wenr there... u go get on ur knees n pray to ur lul fantasy dude. Hey- while yo

    Geeta Nigam

    by Geeta Nigam

    May 28, 2015  |  "Awesome"

    Description of a computer system.

    Kevin Barclay

    by Kevin Barclay

    May 15, 2015  |  "Great"

    Only a liitle issue on z1. When i switch apps or go to home then back to this app i just have black screen. I have to then close it and open it to use again.