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    Sometimes our phone is not loud enough when it's in pocket, and so we miss many important calls from work and home. If you are a person who do not want to keep phone into vibration mode all time but also do not want to miss any important call especially when you are in noisy area or driving or jogging, then Ring Alert is app for you,

    Also if you want to ignore some call while you are in meeting or reading or at work, Ring Alert has all for you.

    Ring Alert adds vibration along with your ringing mode everytime you keep your phone inside your pocket. If you are driving, jogging, biking or at noisy place such as traffic, you will feel vibration along with ring for all incoming calls when ever your phone is inside your pocket. Other than that it will remain in ringing mode only.
    If you have enabled vibration with ringing from system setting then Ring Alert won't touch it.

    There is more with Ring Alert too. Face down your phone and it will put your into silent mode. You can ignore any call by just putting your phone face down. When you face up your phone, phone will be turned into normal ringing mode.

    Note: All functions are automated. User don't have to configure anything. This app is simply tap and go.

    Features :
    - automatically enable vibration along with ring whenever phone is in pocket.
    - face down the phone to ignore calls or keep phone in silent mode.
    - face up the phone to turn back into normal profile.
    - vibration notification for all missed calls (PRO).
    - shake the phone to toggle only vibration mode (PRO).
    - compatible with all devices above android 2.2 (froyo).
    - No Ads :)

    Please consider buying Pro version of this app to get more features and future development.

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