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    Root Finder searches for a root of a continuous function of one variable. User has to specify one point or interval to be used for the initial step. The solver allows finding roots of linear and non-linear functions.

    Following mathematical functions are implemented:

    abs(x): absolute value of x
    acos(x): arccosine of x
    asin(x): arcsine of x
    atan(x):arctangent of x
    ceil(x): rounds x to the nearest integer greater than or equal to x
    cos(x): cosine of x
    exp(x): exponential of x
    floor(x): rounds x to the nearest integer less than or equal to x
    log(x): natural logarithm of x
    max(x1,x2,…): maximal value among elements
    min(x1,x2,…): minimal value among elements
    pow(x,y): x to the power of y
    round(x): rounds x to the nearest integer
    sin(x): sine of x
    sqrt(x): square root of x
    tan(x): tangent of x

    Adobe Air needed.

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