Routinely helps to achieve goals in developing good habits by providing daily reminders of activities and tasks. Are there things you'd like to get in the habit of doing every day or a few times a week but always forget? Routinely tracks each activity and allows a weekly schedule to be defined. The daily reminders and repetition will develop these activities into good habits and improve your life.

    Use Routinely to build good habits (like a New Year's resolution but all year long). Routinely will track daily and reoccurring activities. Here are a few examples:

    - Walk the dog
    - Taking vitamins or medicine
    - Read a few chapters from a book
    - Eat healthy or skip dessert
    - Go to the gym, exercise, or jog for half an hour
    - Read before bed
    - Spend 20min and meditate

    Just added: Widgets!!!
    Routinely List 1x4: Scrollable list of activities. Links directly to the activity page.
    Routinely Remaining Today 2x2: Shows a count of today's incomplete activities

    NOTE: Please exclude Routinely Widgets from your task killers. Otherwise, the widgets will not be able to update properly.

    Features included in Routinely:
    - List display showing all of the activities
    - Various display options to customize the list content
    - Activities are colored and fade from green to red when not performed over several days
    - Configure Status Bar notifications to send reminders for activities.
    - Advanced notification setup including audio alerts, vibration and custom day selection.
    - Single display of each individual activity, including metrics and totals
    - Calendar display to view and update days in the past
    - Graphical representation of progress. Compare current month activities against previous months. View activities by day of the week to see more/less productive days.

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