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    Do you have multiple credit and debit cards? You can remember the PIN code for the one or two you use most of the time but when you come to one of the others you just can't bring it to mind, right? Well SafteyPin is for you.

    SafetyPin is a simple app to make it easy to remember all your PIN numbers for Chip and Pin cards. Its highly secure as all the data is encrypted and kept on your device. Remember just one PIN number to unlock all the others.

    Enter your cards' details into SafetyPin - you can just put a name and PIN number or use it to alert you when its time to make your monthly payment or even that the card is going to expire soon. If you want, you can put the full details in so you always have all your cards' details with you - safely tucked in encrypted storage, of course, so that only you can get at it. You can even store a photo of your card with the details so that its easy to pick the right card when retrieving your PIN number.