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    Zero configuration or learning curve. Sagan now includes a quick action widget. Make phone calls, navigate and search from your home screen using your voice. Simply click the right button for your action and speak the contact name, search term, or destination.

    Sagan AI virtual assistant makes using your phone a snap, by using your voice. Simply tell Sagan what you want and it will happen.

    -Have your incoming texts read out-loud. (wonderful with bluetooth or for the visually impaired)

    -Have your incoming emails read out-lout. (now with the new Gmail speech reader add-on)

    -Find places, ask any questions and receive accurate answers. (only the most important part of the answer is read out loud)

    -Enhanced texting, insert special characters with your voice

    Sagan AI virtual assistant can help you execute your instructions faster while reducing the number of inputs significantly. Sagan is the only assistant that has his own built-in web browsing functionality, making the web instantly available to both Sagan and yourself. It is more efficient as you never have to leave the screen.

    Sagan AI can help you with quick calls/texts to a specific contact, set reminders as calendar entries, set alarms, find places, navigate somewhere, see the weather info in your geographical location, open a site, search, play a song, turn on/off WiFi, airplane, bluetooth, silent mode, and a lot more.

    With Sagan AI you can do a lot of things actually faster than usual in your day to day life. Over the course of a week you can literally save your self more than an hour of your time by not having to do some of things manually.

    Moreover, Sagan AI is blazing fast and that makes it a better alternative over many other powerful yet slower competitors. On the road use your bluetooth headset. Issue voice commands to Sagan and hear him respond in your headset.

    Sagan will read the text messages out load, so you can hear them while driving as they come in. Or, just say 'car mode' if not using the headset.

    *Sagan also does math by voice! So, if you say "eight times four divided by three", you will get the answer 10.6.

    Main features (ENGLISH ONLY):

    - Quick action Widget (quickly call, search, navigate) using your voice from the home screen.
    - Knowledge acquisition and retention (basic learning)
    - Reads incoming text aloud
    - Reads incoming email out loud (EZ Gmail,SMS,CallerID reader add-on).
    - Announces who is calling (EZ Gmail,SMS,CallerID reader add-on)
    - Always shows last text msg.
    - Always shows last missed phone call
    - Schedule multiple/reminders to-dos
    - Voice to Math. Converts voice to math equations.
    - Easy voice texting/calling
    - Play music (songs/albums)
    - Find/Map places
    - Navigate to places
    - Launch websites, apps
    - Show/clear missed calls, texts
    - Toggle Ringer mode(vibrate, silent, on)
    - Toggle Speaker phone mode (speaker on/off)
    - Toggle Wifi/Bluetooth (on/off)
    - Send Email with your voice - Tells Jokes!
    - Bluetooth voice commands
    - Secret SMS (outgoing text msgs. with Sagan are not added to the text conversation log)
    - Ability to dyamically create button shortcuts based on recent launch actions
    - Reads texts thru Bluetooth
    - Car mode automtically answers calls and sets to speaker phone. Reads incoming texts.
    - Rich texting .. make your texts/sms grammatically correct.
    - Quick sms/text reply to last text message any time.

    And ... much more, a very stable, fast and concise productivity solution for gained efficiency in using your voice! Sagan is very intuitive and easy to learn. You can start performing voice actions for your phone instantly. There is literally no learning curve. It is a good idea to review the Quick Help Guide to get started.

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