A single app that can serve as an automatic silencer, a notification tool, an alarm clock and a task manager, targeting the entire productivity cycle under a simple user interface.

    Based on the rules you add, the app will:
    switch your phone to silent while you sleep / wake you up with an alarm / remind you of a note / vibrate
    daily, weekly or just once
    on certain days or between certain days
    at certain times or between certain times
    plus: you can also add tasks and subtasks and use it as a todo list
    and: you can add periodic alarms in case, for example, you have to take medicine every few hours

    Other features:
    share your list with friends on Twitter or Facebook, or back it up by emailing it to yourself in human readable form. That same backup can be imported back into the app by copy/pasting it
    extra filter controls and reminder text when you turn the device to landscape
    quick actions: long press the "i" button and get some quick actions (desk mode, silence for 1,2 or 3 hours or quick reminders)
    contextual menu for every task/alarm - long-press it to see it
    fixed tasks will uncheck themselves automatically (useful for recurring shopping lists)
    Ring Mode widget: change the ringer mode (mute/vibrate/loud)

    Also check out the Ring Through Silence app if you want allow favorite numbers to call 'through' silent periods:

    Your suggestions are welcome.

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