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    Sandhya is a mandatory religious ritual that needs to be performed by all twice-born people of Hinduism.Especially brahmins who are initiated into the sacred thread ceremony called as Upanayanam, and instructed in its execution by a Guru (a qualified spiritual teacher).

    Sandhya consists of excerpts from the Vedas that are to be performed thrice daily at morning (prātaḥsaṃdhyā), at noon (mādhyānika), and in the evening (sāyaṃsaṃdhyā).

    This App gives you detail Sandhya Vidhi with all meaning and procedure.

    1. Tilak Dharan
    2. Pavitri Dharan
    3. Jap Vidhi
    4. Sandhya Ka Samay
    5. Sandhya Stuti
    6. Sandhypasana Vidhi
    7. Suryagray Vidhi
    8. Gayatri Dhyan
    9. Madhyana Sandhya
    10. Sayam Sandhya.

    Regular recitation of Sandhya, helps regulating the blood pressure and the postures in which these the entire practice is performed helps in overall muscle rejuvenation.

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