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    Be sure to use Savannah's Quick Action Widget from your Home Screen.

    New: - Battery low status voice notification
    -- Savannah will terminate all non-critical running processes when the battery is 15% or lower charge capacity.This action will increases battery life.
    - Caller Id (when a contact calls, says who is calling - works with ring-tones too)

    Use the widget on a screen and make phone calls, navigate, search and open apps instantly by using your voice. Simply click the appropriate widget button for your action and speak the contact name, search term, destination or app to open. If you have Android 4.1 or above, you can use the widget from your lock screen.

    Texting has never been easier! Incoming texts display the contact's picture and allow you to reply by voice or keyboard. Make your texts grammatically correct with little effort. When sending a text, simply say 'comma', 'question mark', 'exclamation point', 'period' and more. Saying 'period' will end your sentence with a '.', and automatically capitlize the next letter. For example:

    "I will be there soon period when did you get there question mark'

    translates to:

    "I will be there soon. When did you get there?"

    Impress your friends and family with quick responses and high accuracy. Savannah does things in the least amount of steps possible, making the app highly efficient. Furthermore, Savannah is the only assistant with built-in web browsing and dynamic short-cuts, making everything right there when you need it.

    Savannah (powered by iSpeech), is a virtual assistant with an amazing human-like voice.

    Download Savannah and dare to compare with any other virtual assistants.

    Ask her anything, command her to do what you would normally do manually, but instead by voice. Savannah is designed to be more efficient and accurate than other virtual assistants, taking less time to do something (reducing she steps). Savannah can help you execute your instructions faster while reducing the number of inputs significantly.

    Savannah AI can help you with quick calls/texts to a specific contact, set reminders as calendar entries, set alarm, find places, navigate somewhere, see she weather/temperature info in your geographical location, open a site, search, play a song, turn on WiFi, airplane, blue tooth, silent mode, ignore calls and a lot more. With Savannah AI you can do a lot of things actually faster than usual in your day to day life. Moreover, Savannah AI is very light and blazing fast that makes it a better alternative over many other powerful yet slower competitors. Try Savannah with bluetooth.

    Main features (ENGLISH ONLY):

    - Quick action Widget (instantly call, navigate, search and open apps from home screen using your voice)
    - Reads incoming text aloud
    - Reads incoming email out loud (EZ Gmail,SMS,CallerID reader add-on).
    - Always shows last text msg.
    - Always shows last missed phone call
    - Schedule multiple/reminders to-dos
    - Voice to Math. Converts voice to math equations.
    - Easy voice texting/calling
    - Play music (songs/albums)
    - Find/Map places
    - Navigate/Find places
    - Launch websites/apps
    - Show/clear missed calls, texts
    - Toggle Ringer mode(vibrate, silent, on)
    - Toggle Speaker phone mode (speaker on/off)
    - Toggle Wifi/Bluetooth (on/off)
    - Send Email with your voice
    - Tells Jokes!
    - Bluetooth voice commands
    - Secret SMS (outgoing text msgs. with Savannah are not added to the text conversation log)
    - Ability to dynamically create button shortcuts based on recent app actions.
    - Reads texts thru Bluetooth
    - Car mode automatically answers calls and sets to speaker phone. Reads incoming texts.
    - Battery low status voice notification and auto-process termination
    - Caller Id (when a contact calls, says who is calling - works with ring-tones too)

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