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    Published: 2013-02-08, by Manu Galvez.

    Save To Phone solves a lack on Android devices: provides a way to save resources to your SDcard from "share" button

    • Useful
    • HOLO layout
    • History
    • Built-in Android clipboards works pretty good
    • Benefits of the app aren't really clear

    "Save to your SDcard"

    "Sharing" button and the pop-up that shows up when you press it with all the sharing resources installed in your device is a typical native Android feature. However, there's a sharing resource missing, "Save to SDcard". "Save to Phone" is an app that allows users to easily save any files and other resources from "share" or "export" button. When the resource is text, it will be copied to the clipboard.

    Sounds like obvious or even simple, but this was a missing feature in your Android device. I'm pretty sure that things would be way easier for you having this handy option installed in your device. That's what Save To Phone does. Files destination in your SDcard can be chosen: actually, it can be set in a static or a dynamic way (ask for destination on every download). Files can also be renamed, open or deleted. In addition there's a download history for a faster access to your files.

    The app is set in a cute HOLO-like layout, although you won't probably launch it so much: your interaction with it will be reduced basically to choosing it from the "share" pop-up menu and let it do the work. The only catch of the "app" is that you can actually download files to your SDcard natively in your Android (for example, there's a "download" button accessible from your device "menu" button or by long-pressing the file). Some users, used to download files by this way can find this app not very useful. The added-value feature of this app is that you can do it more quickly from the "share" button as well as choose the destination directoy at your whim.

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    by Emmanuel , Appszoom

    Feb 08, 2013


    "Save To Phone" simply saves all content behind the "Share" or "Export"-Functions many apps have, to your external storage. May it be an SD-card, or an integrated storage - you choose the directory. Text can also be saved to your clipboard.

    To use it, just tap the "Share", "Export", "Send" -or whatever it's called- button of any app and select Save To Phone to save all content behind the share function directly to your device!

    * All file types can be saved to any accessible storage (like internal or external SD Card) via share menu
    * Clean text (or links etc.) will be saved to the clipboard
    * A destination for the downloaded file can be set in a static way or dynamic (ask for destination on every download)
    * All files can be renamed on downloading
    * Download history with options to open file / delete file / remove its history entry
    * Delete all history entries
    * Undo all history actions
    * Google Now Cards-like Help Menu
    * Supports saving Google Keep notifications and much more.
    * Specify Rules ( ) [Premium required]
    All that without advertisement.

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