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    With more than 100 built-in functions, forms to enter matrix and list data, SCalc calculates matrix inversions, LU (QR) decompositions, definite integrals, derivatives and zeros of simple functions. Solve a system of linear equations using QRS operation. Draw 15 graphs/plots, compute 10 commands. Switch to increasingly complex layouts, solve equations and compute special functions.
    Draw parametric, cartesian and polar graphs. Zoom in and zoom out with a display of scale and zoom level used. Track graph functions. Stretch and compact graphs along the y-axis. Compute commands like integrations, derivatives, maxima and minima along with drawings of results on the graphics screen. Also obtain samples of x-y data of graphs or functions. Using x-y data, curve-fit and plot. Use 3 choice backgrounds and draw with a selection of colors. Compute list functions, exponential functions, statistical, and various special functions. Define your own functions and variables, store them on external SD card and reload them back into internal memory. Do multiple conversions between primary units. Compute properties of simple geometric figures. Install or move the application to an SD card.
    Choose any previous command from a history list. Read the built-in function list and the helpful summary information to bring the function into input. Use help to determine valid values for the parameters for built-in functions.
    With recent improvements, swipe left and swipe right on the special function keys to find the keys you want easily. Position the coordinate lines precisely with left and right arrow controls on the graph screen. Find the scale and zoom level upon touch in a floating window display. Pinch with two fingers to zoom in and zoom out of the graphs. To find zero, repeatedly touch the result (R button) on graphics screen. If possible, you can find different zeros each time within a given range.
    With SCalc , you do not need to visit a help website or usage manual as plenty of easy to read instructions are provided with every step of calculation. These help messages can be turned off once you are familiar with the usage. When there is an error in the input, SCalc highlights the exact location of error in the input. Care has been taken in the design of the interface, so users with or without a keyboard can get the same functionality and ease of use.
    To use international versions, set the input language for on screen keyboard to be English.

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