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    Pre-Scheduled & Stealthy Voice/Call Recording & Remote Control

    CinixSoft Recorder is the only voice recorder in the market with capability to preschedule recording for the future (daily, weekly, monthly). It is smart and easy. Use this app to record meetings, lectures, or personal notes, with no time limits.

    -- User Guide:

    -- Product Line

    Schedule Voice Recorder (Free but fully functional)

    Secure Schedule Voice Recorder = Schedule Voice Recorder + 9 Advanced Features (For Highest Security; No internet connection needed.)

    Secret Schedule Voice Recorder = Schedule Voice Recorder + 12 Advanced Features (For Highest Secrecy; With password protection, and many many more.)

    Remote Schedule Voice Recorder = Schedule Voice Recorder + 17 Advanced Features (For Highest Flexibility; WIth remote control of scheduled recordings and call recording.)

    -- Core features

    1. Prescheduled Recording: Based on built-in sophisticated scheduling strategy, it is very easy to schedule future recordings. The repeating of prescheduled recording can be configured as daily, weekly, monthly or yearly providing full freedom to suit your needs.

    2. Hidden/Stealthy: The recorder is running totally in background. Once you configured it, it runs without your care. It works even when you switch off the screen or exit the app or reboot your device

    3. Selectable Audio Format: Choose mp4, 3gp or wav as the audio format. Compared with wav, the two formats mp4 and 3gp enable much longer recording time.

    4. Easy to share recordings via facebook, email or other ways. Recordings can also be copied into external storage for PC transfer.

    5. No time limits: Recording length unlimited and depends only on free memory.

    -- Following features in all three versions (secure/secret/remote),

    A1. No Ads
    A2. Option to add app widget
    A3. Noise filtering for wav
    A4. Silence skipping for wav
    A5. Pre-amplification and gain calibration for wav
    A6. Display waveform for .wav
    A7. Continuous recording of .wav
    A8. Option to delete old audio files automatically

    -- Further, in secure version

    B1. No internet connection needed (100% secure, but password protection, automatic upload and transformation services unavailable)

    C1. Call interaction: Stop recording when call comes in or goes out.
    C2. App interaction: Stop recording when specific apps are started.
    C3. Adjustable Sampling rate
    C4. Remote Control with Calendar Sync (NEW!!!)

    -- and in secret version

    B1. Notepad as app name and app icon
    B2. Password protection and recovery
    B3. Automatic upload of audio to FTP server
    B4. Call interaction: Stop recording when call comes in or goes out.

    C1. Automatic Email upload
    C2. App interaction: Stop recording when certain apps are started.
    C3. Adjustable sampling rate
    C4: Automatic Dropbox upload
    C5. Remote Control with Calendar Sync (NEW!!!)

    -- and in remote version

    B1. Password protection and recovery
    B2. Automatic upload of audio files to FTP server
    B3. Call interaction: Stop recording when call comes in or goes out.
    B4. Automatic email upload
    B5. App interaction: Stop recording when specific apps are started.
    B6. Adjustable sampling rate
    B7. Automatic Dropbox upload
    B8. Remote control with calendar sync (NEW!!!)
    B9. Call recording (NEW!!!)

    All B-features are already included while the C-features need to be purchased further by in-app billing.

    -- Permissions

    All apps from CinixSoft will request permissions from you ONLY IF the permission is needed for executing the tasks as communicated by the app. CinixSoft will NEVER abuse any resources on your device.

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    A Google user

    by A Google user

    Feb 23, 2017  |  "Great"

    work it good very good app

    Arunava Maity

    by Arunava Maity

    Feb 23, 2017  |  "Awesome"


    Ignas Leonavicius

    by Ignas Leonavicius

    Feb 01, 2017  |  "Poor"

    Free version is OK. But dropbox uploads are not working! 95% of the audio files become broken when automatically uploaded by this apps paid feature.

    Jemera Poindexter

    by Jemera Poindexter

    Jan 11, 2017  |  "OK"

    So it was working good at first ... Had to buy more schedule time ... I did but now it will not let me schedule no more recording.... I would like a refund...

    Bubai Ash

    by Bubai Ash

    Dec 20, 2016  |  "Awesome"


    ramesh kottapalli

    by ramesh kottapalli

    Dec 17, 2016  |  "OK"

    Nice very well