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    This app enables the scores of games to be recorded simply without the need to use pen and paper, while giving the impression that a piece of ruled paper is being used. It can be used for recording the results of many types of games for example Scrabble, darts and golf, as well as many card games such as UNO, hand and foot, tournaments, the pointy end of sailing regattas etc. It can even be used to add up a list of numbers.

    Record Score displays the running total of each player's scores so they don't have to be added to the previous total after each round, thereby reducing the need for mental arithmetic.

    Names of the players or teams or groups are easily entered. Multiple games can be scored at the same time. Completed games can be easily deleted.

    To enter a score tap in the field under the relevant name, enter the score with the keypad that appears and then either tap the return button or tap in another field.

    To delete a score or game press and hold (long press) to reveal the Delete confirmation dialog.

    Scores can be modified by tapping on them.

    Each player can have an 'unlimited' number of scores in each game.

    When using a device with a small screen up to eight players are possible (swipe left or right to see the other four). If running on a larger screen such as a tablet up to six players' scores can be recorded.

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