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    No AD version of Server Status Monitor Free.
    Monitor the status of your servers, and give you notifications when they are down or slow response.

    Supported server types (More server types will be supported):
    * PING
    * Connect TCP port (For any TCP servers)
    * HTTP
    * FTP
    * POP3
    * SMTP
    * MySQL
    * PostgreSQL

    Supported notifications:
    * Task bar notification
    * Play sound
    * Vibrate
    * Auto send SMS to multi numbers
    * Auto send Emails to multiple addresses (Supports SMTP / SMTPs servers)

    Unique, powerful functions compare to other monitoring tools:
    * Can monitor server is “Down” (completely doesn’t’ work) or “Warning” (Response slow) status, each status can set different alarms. For example alarm sound can be different;

    * Auto start this application when the Android device boot up (Useful for the top set Android devices);

    * Auto start monitoring specified servers when this application launched (Useful for the top set Android devices);

    * Full screen mode to display on the big screen TV, to let you see the status instantly (Can also optionally display full screen when this application launched. Useful for the top set Android devices);

    * Not a simple fixed interval checking “port prober”, this application will not popup alarms until the server had been checked for specified times(Can be set in the “Server options” -> “Check Options” screen). It will avoid wrong alarms by the short network disconnecting;

    * Not only do port checking, but also will execute FTP / POP3 / SMTP / MySQL / PostgreSQL login commands, to simulate real client operations;

    * Support “Intermediate Server” options. If your device connect to a router, and then connect to the server you want to monitor, you can set the router device as “Intermediate Server”. So if the router or Internet access have problems, will not affect the actual server you are monitoring;

    * Powerful log options, can set log level, and auto remove expired logs (Max expired date can be set). Also be able to export logs to text files with optional date range, log level etc.

    Permissions required:
    Access Internet to check server status, will not generate extra data if you do not check any Internet servers;

    Access network state, to check network current state before checking the server;

    Access external storage (Can be SD card) when exporting logs as .txt file. Will not access any other files in your external storage cards;

    Receive boot completed broadcast from Android system, to make it be able to run automatically if you set "Auto boot" options enabled in the Options screen;

    Send SMS for server down / warning status. Will not send any other hidden SMS;

    Vibrate the Android device, to give you notifications;

    If you want to try this application before purchasing, please install "Server Status Monitor Free" from Google Play. Please uninstall the Free version after you installed this version, because they have conflictions.

    If you have any suggestions / issues during using this application, please send email to us:

    We will be very glad to help you!

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