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    This application simulates real network clients(for example FTP/POP3 client) to check the status of your servers, and give you notifications when they are down or slow response. You DO NOT need to install and configure any agent applications on your server.

    ****Current Supported Server Types****
    * PING (Note: Some Samsung Galaxy or Android 4.2+ devices doesn't work, because they removed 'ping' command)
    * Connect TCP port (For any TCP servers)
    * HTTP, HTTPS. (Can check HTTP response code and response data)
    * FTP
    * POP3
    * SMTP
    * IMAP4
    * MySQL
    * PostgreSQL
    * Sensors: Power, Temperature, Humidity, Light, Magnetic Field, Pressure, Proximity

    **** Supported Notifications ****
    * Task bar notification
    * Vibrate
    * Play sound (9 default alarm sounds, also can use .mp3, .wav files on SD card)
    * Play voice (Use TTS-Text To Speech engine to convert the alarm text to voice file, and then play the voice file)
    * Auto send SMS to multiple numbers
    * Auto send Emails to multiple addresses (Supports SMTP / SMTPs servers)
    * Auto call to phone number
    * Auto send HTTP request to your web server, to let you record the server down / warning events to your own web system

    **** Unique, powerful functions compare to other monitoring tools ****
    * Start / stop server and view server status by web interface. Which mean you can use your PC or mobile phone to access and control this app remotely

    * Can monitor server is “DOWN” (completely doesn’t’ work) or “WARNING" (Response slow) status, each status can set different alarms. For example alarm sound can be different;

    * Auto start this application when the Android device boot up

    * Auto start monitoring specified servers when this application launched

    * Auto pause checking option by each monitor. You can specify time period by day when the whole system doing maintenance (eg. Night time or weekend)

    * Full screen mode to display on the big screen TV, to let you see the status instantly (Can also optionally display full screen when this application launched). This is useful for the monitoring room with many TV screens

    * Not a simple fixed interval checking “port prober”, this application will not pop up alarms until the server had been checked for specified times(Can be set in the “Server options” -> “Check Options” screen). It will avoid wrong alarms by the short network disconnection

    * Not only do port checking, but also will execute FTP / POP3 / SMTP / IMAP4 / MySQL / PostgreSQL login commands, to simulate real client operations to check the server real status

    * Support “Intermediate Server” options. If your device connect to a router, and then connect to the server you want to monitor, you can set the router device as “Intermediate Server”. So if the router or Internet access have problems, will not affect the actual server you are monitoring

    * Can auto pause checking when there is no Wifi or 3G connection, to avoid wrong alarms

    * Auto send status function, will be able to send SMS / Email messages / HTTP request to you by fixed interval, or time points daily. So you can know this application is still running or stopped by some issues(For example os crash, battery run out...)

    * Powerful log function, can set log level, and auto remove expired logs (Max expired date can be set). Also be able to export logs to text files with optional date range, log level etc. Logs can be attached to email notifications as well

    Note: Free version can only monitor 3 servers, and will display ads on screen. If you need to monitor more servers and remove all ads, please purchase full version by click the "Upgrade" function in the app

    If you reinstalled your Android device, please download Server Status Monitor again, and also click "Upgrade" function. The app will detect that you had purchased before, and automatically upgrade to full version without pay again

    Any suggestions / issues during using this application, please send email to us:

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    Jonathon Barrow

    by Jonathon Barrow

    Jun 08, 2017  |  "Great"

    Great work, though there is room for improvement: Sound alerts - would be great to set how many times the sound is played. It'd be nice to set the volume of the alert as well. Severlist - Allow for sorting. I'd love to be able to group related checks together. Right now, any new additions are append to the end of the list. Feature addiction - This in outside the current scope, but I'd love it if she check could allow for system info feedback, such as reporting ram or cpu usage. Then, maybe checks could be made on those. Even with what's available currently though, this is an extremely versatile monitor!

    kurt guseman

    by kurt guseman

    Oct 11, 2015  |  "OK"

    does not always save changes, many false alarms

    Forest Gafford

    by Forest Gafford

    Oct 07, 2015  |  "Awesome"

    OK. I hardly ever write reviews but I do when I find a good app. This app works. It works well. I tried at least 4 other similar apps and all of them were useless. The one I tried before this completely missed when my home server went down until I told it to do a manual check. This app runs in the background on my LG G3 like a champ. Lots of options and obviously written by a real developer. Mor

    Tim Hawes

    by Tim Hawes

    Sep 23, 2015  |  "Great"

    Well done to the dev, great work. Just a few annoying bugs I wonder if you could think about please? 1st up is the status bar notifications, if a check fails, can the intermediate check be run just to be sure it's not a cell signal issue and if that fail then not notify? I want to avoid 20 fail notifications! 2nd, I found it difficult to change log to SD as could not get it to accept the path I en

    Asa Babu

    by Asa Babu

    Aug 25, 2015  |  "Great"

    Today I have purchased your Server Status Monitor android app. Every option is very useful. I have a query that I only need just alarm only 1 Time or 1 Beep if Sever is down or up. But now continues alarm is playing on. That is very annoying for and need to stop manually. I need to know how to do that for 1 time notification not continues notification for each event.

    Brad Brundage

    by Brad Brundage

    Aug 09, 2015  |  "Awesome"

    The developer addressed a bug I reported on the free version and has earned a customer.