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    Ever got embarrassed by your phone ringing during an important meeting? Or in the cinema?
    On any given place with WiFi coverage, you can configure ShushMe to remember specific SSIDs (wirless network names), and enter silent or vibration mode whenever you enter the vicinity of that network.
    From then on, that will be a "quite area" for your phone.
    Every time you leave the area, your phone will return to its previous ringing mode by itself, so no more missed calls after the movies.
    And there’s more: Selected theaters are now adopting ShushMe, so your phone will automatically add their network to your list, which in addition to guaranteeing a quite movie experience, will grant you special offers like discount on popcorn and drinks.
    As a bonus, a register is kept of the time you get in and out of each quite area and it can be e-mailed, which will comes extremely helpful if you use it at work: sometimes you forget to punch your employee card, and at the end of the month you wouldn't recall at what time you arrived that day to work if it wasn't for ShushMe.

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