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    A versatile utility application, SilverSuite provides all the information about your Android Smartphone, so you can know your phone like never before!

    Designed and integrated with a wide range of features; the application makes it possible for you to single out important details about your mobile device to learn more about it and improve its security.

    It has some very brilliantly configured features like:

    • Device Information: Get the general details about your device from a single window! The feature allows you to fetch information like Name of the device, Manufacturer, owner and IMEI number, along with the OS version installed on your phone.

    • Battery Status: Add more life to your mobile battery! This feature allows easy and quick monitoring of the battery levels.

    • Memory Status: Now, get your facts clear about the total storage space on your Device! Details like Flash memory, RAM, SD card, Total space and free space in units like KB, MB and GB will be just a few taps away.

    • Application Details: Get an idea about all the 3rd party applications installed on your phone along with the details like name, version, size, and date of the applications. You can also find similar application available on android market.

    • Application Lock: Protect your applications by locking it! This feature allows you to set a password on a particular application to not let others use it. Application will also send you an email with picture if user enter wrong password. It will help you to know unauthorized user.

    • Task Killer: Pull up the battery life and increase the speed of your phone – this feature enables you to select any applications running simultaneously and stop any of them, if not required.

    • Contact Backup: Get a quick backup of all the contacts stored in your phone – It lets you take regular and rapid backups and save it as CSV file, which you can get it on your email id.

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