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    Simple In/Out is the easiest to use in/out board in the Play Store. It is great for offices with people always on the go. Our easy to use interface lets you quickly set your status and get back to work. We also have the ability to automatically set your status using our Geofence, Beacon, and Network features. Just create a fence around your office and turn it on in the app. If you want to use a custom message, just add it for that fence. Just set it, and forget it! What could be easier?

    Our app is also connected directly to our entire suite of apps and services, so if you don't have your device on hand, you can still check on other people or set your own status.

    Here is a quick rundown of all the great features we offer in Simple In/Out

    * Geofences! Automatically check in or out as you come and go
    * We respect your privacy, we never track or send your location
    * Beacons. Create an Beacon using our FrontDesk app or purchase one from our store.
    * Notifications. Safety, Reminders, or when someone changes their status.
    * Status notifications. Want to be sure your status is getting set right, we'll send you a local notification each time we update your status so you can be sure.
    * Add/Remove/Edit Geofences and Beacons right from your phone
    * Set custom status messages for in or out
    * Scheduled status updates
    * Quick pick status messages and ability to mark as favorite
    * Company Wide Quick Picks
    * Easy to read status board
    * Custom Grouping - Allows Multiple
    * Search - Quickly find users or status messages
    * Customizable sort options for the group list
    * Individual profile pages for each user
    * Ability to Email, Call, or Text users right from the app
    * Admins can add/delete/edit users right from the app
    * Upload custom images for profiles
    * Add users quickly from your Contacts
    * Admin control can even update status' for other users
    * Customize Permissions - Admins have control over user permissions (company permissions available on our website)
    * FrontDesk - (separate download) is also available for common areas to quickly swipe yourself in or out.
    * TimeClock - (separate download) is also available for timekeeping
    * Free customer support via email

    In order for Automatic Status Updates to work accurately and consistently we request that you give Simple In/Out full background access.

    Allowing Simple In/Out to have full background access will ensure that your status is always updated immediately when entering or exiting the office. This does increase battery usage but is vital for keeping the company board accurate. We will not abuse this privilege and we will only run background tasks when updating your status automatically via Geofences, Beacons, or Networks.

    Simple In/Out offers a Free 45 day trial with all of our features available for use. Try everything out with no restrictions before committing to a specific subscription plan. All of our subscription plans are based on the number of users needed and auto-renew each month.

    We love hearing from our users and are always interested in what they have to say. Most of the features in the app have come from your suggestions, so keep them coming!

    twitter: @simplymadeapps

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