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    Ever wanted to quickly take down some notes, or copy some text from another application to use later, Without having to save the file, Think of a suitable name, Choose a location to save to?
    Then later re-open the app, Remember where you saved the file and the filename you chose?
    Then remembering to delete the file as it was only a temporary note to start with?

    Isn't that just too much hassle for a shopping list?

    So here is a simple notepad to quickly make temporary notes like shopping lists or just to store, or to edit some text copied from another application without all the drama of creating and saving files.

    Open Simple Note and type, the text is saved when the back button is pressed, and will be reloaded automatically when Simple Note is opened again.

    In addition there are options to import or export a text file, or share the text with other applications such as messaging, social media or whatever else on your device supports the importing of text.

    Restore saved text will revert the text back to the last saved text.

    Import from, or Export to sdcard, will either read or write to a file located at mnt/sdcard/SimpleNote.txt

    Support is available at

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