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    Designed to be quick, for those times that you need to pull it out and just set it. Like a kitchen timer! Features a timer notification bar, so you're able to set the timer and then go browse your email while you wait. Has a neat little animation that changes faces as time goes along. Download this even if you don't have kids or babies! Just use it to put your best friends, loved ones, spouses, grandmother or grandpa in timeout!

    Remembers the last time that you used so that it makes it easier to just pull out and put them in timeout without much fuss (from your phone that is...) Able to sit up in your notification bar too and run while you browse and do other things that you would like to do. Gives a classic egg timer ring to let you know that it's done and the animation is to help children know when it's close to being done without having to know numbers!

    Note: I know it's not the prettiest on the tablet, but I decided not to make a tablet version yet since there isn't any demand. It works and all, just isn't visually pretty. :P

    I try to make a habit of listening to reviews. ;) So feel free to leave any constructive comments.

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