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    Published: 2012-12-05, by .

    Slice Keyboard is an innovative keyboard for the most daring

    • Original
    • User-friendly
    • Interface
    • Screentouch response
    • Learning curve
    • Demo version can't be used with all apps

    "A keyboard for open-minded tablet owners"

    If something has put Android where currently is that's its flexibility and leeway . Don't you like the stock keyboard? Well, come to Appszoom and download the one that fits you. However, if you like to taste new things, stuff you aren't used to, you should give a try to the one we're reviewing here: Slice Keyboard.

    First off, bear in mind that this is a tablet keyboard, it won't run in your smartphone. If you own a tablet, we invite you to watch the video to know what we're talking about. An innovative touch keyboard with 6 buttons that open up circles that alltogether contain all letters and symbols. The circle-spreading is fast and smooth. Screentouch response is amazing and we can state that the keyboard is well-crafted and actually working. If it is as useful than other, or even more, that's something that depends on you. I personally like it but you have to get the hang of it and that takes a while.

    An original keyboard, user-friendly interface and great performance. Only two catches: first, this demo version can be used in all apps that requires keyboard,second, its steep learning curve. Do you dare mastering it?

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    by Manu , Appszoom

    Dec 05, 2012


    Slice Keyboard is a keyboard for Android tablets and phones. Slice is designed specifically for typing on a touch screen without looking at the keyboard. Allowing you to focus on the content that you are typing and catch your errors while typing.
    The design is based on a row of home keys for anchoring your fingers. The home keys can used in a fixed position or be adjusted based on your hand placement. After pressing at least one home key slice keys are displayed arranged in a circle around the home keys. The slice keys open when its home key is unpressed. All of the keys are designed with the idea of not having to look at the keys. The keys positions are relative to the home keys and their touch targets are large and extend beyond the shapes on the screen.

    Several new gestures have been added in version 2:
    - Capitalizing characters can be done by flinging on the Slice keys.
    - Flinging Right on the Home Keys adds a Space
    - Flinging Left deletes a character
    Additional features in version 2:
    - New cleaner and simpler theme.
    - Typing can now be used with only one hand.
    - New one hand layout for better support of 7" tablets
    - Adds support for large Android phones

    Slice Keyboard Demo comes with the typing area, and a Space Invaders like game for typing practice.

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