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    One of the most difficult aspects of being a salesman is the ability to stay organized so you can close deals more efficiently and keep track of every individual transaction with businesses. Numerous agents tear through binders and folders and planners trying to keep up with appointments and stay on track, trying to hold on to every piece of information they've ever printed or written down about potential clients.

    Now it is possible to take spreadsheets you've generated from any popular business database and with a minimal amount of formatting, store it on your Android device. As well as viewing the information about all of your prospects in a more orderly fashion, you can also store notes about your prospects and keep a to-do list of all the things you actually want to focus on.

    The application also has the capability to export your list of prospects and all of your notes about them so you can back it up on your computer.

    To get started with the application, you will need to do a little preparation with the following steps:
    1. Create a spreadsheet for your initial prospect list with the following columns (Can also be done automatically from a business database such as ReferenceUSA):
    Company Name, Executive First Name, Executive Last Name, Address, City, Phone Number Combined, Location Sales Volume Actual, Location Employees Actual, Location Type

    2. Save the file as a Tab Delimited .txt file and name it NewProspects.

    3. Place the file in the Downloads folder on your device. This can be done a number of ways, but I have found the easiest way is to simply email the attachment to your Gmail account on the device and use the Save option available for the file. Note: only .txt files and select other types can be saved from Gmail's app, if the option is not available, double check the extension.

    4. If you have a file browser application on your device, ensure the file was saved to the Downloads folder and has the correct name. If it is not, the application will not be able to find it and give you a warning.

    5. Open the application and use the "Add New Prospects" tab to the left and import the list of prospects. This may take some time for large lists, since it uses Google's location services to pinpoint all of your prospects.

    6. For optimal performance, consider disabling the Distance Formula calculations if you are not actively using the prospect distances. While very useful when prospecting to increase efficiency, the calculations are quite intensive and you will notice the performance increase when not using them..

    If you need any assistance at all with using the application after reading these directions, feel free to contact me via email and I will attempt to offer you any help I can.

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