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    SMS Schedular - same as prescheduled SMS
    SMS Auto reply
    Birthday reminder (Imports Contacts From Facebook)
    SMS signature

    This is a fantastic utility which is bundled with so many features related to sending SMS that you will start wondering why you did not come to know of it earlier. Starting from the standard options such as sending SMS to multiple people and standard SMS sending interface, SMS offers a variety of cool features such as customized signature, sms autoreply and scheduling SMS . But that’s not all, it also serves as a cool interface between your facebook account and your phone. You can import your facebook friend list into the app and in just a click you can set reminders for all the birthdays of your friends. How cool it that !

    All in all, we say it’s a complete kit for managing SMS and reminders.

    Top features

    Some of key features are as follows :

    1. Sending SMS to multiple people : provides you a standard cool looking interface to send SMS to one person or more than one person at a time. It integrates the phone list from your phone and shows your contacts so you can easily make your recipients list.

    2. SMS signature : There is a signature to emails, then why not personalize your SMS too. It lets you add your own customized signature to each SMS you send. It also lets you choose if you really want to attach your signature to the message or not. Sometimes adding a simple signature like “Thanks, “ would say your some energy of typing.

    3. Import friend list from facebook : With just a couple of clicks you can have all your friend list imported in and that includes not just their names, but also their birthdays. So now you can see the list of important dates, such as your friend’s birthdays.

    4. Schedule SMS : Probably the coolest feature is that it lets you schedule your SMS in future time.
    5. Avoid trouble with girlfriend or wife : Ok, well this is not a feature of Ultra SMS, but it might help you avoid situations where you missed your marriage anniversary or forgot to wish your valentine on her birthday ( yes , that is surely possible ! ). How does this app come into play, well here it is. Simply import friend list from facebook ( and this is on the assumption that your wife / girl friends are on that list. In case they are not, there are other issues you would wanna sort out first ! ) . Place a “check” in front of set reminders and voila ! All the birthdays of all your friends have been set as reminders. Now whenever there is a birthday date of any of your friends, it will remind you on time and on date. Ok, but that may still have a leak, what if I see the reminder and still forget to wish. Well there is a simple solution to it : Simply schedule in advance a SMS with wishes on that day, and on that day, It will send that SMS from your phone at the scheduled time.

    6. Planner : provides you a simple cool looking calendar that lets you place your own reminders on dates. And these reminders are not just capable of ringing or letting your phone vibrate, but you can also schedule sending of SMS on any given date or time.

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