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    Snaml Card Lite for Android is a Web Organizer, Navigator, and Browser for Android Phone. It allows you to catalog favorite web sites, browse or preview them in four directions.

    ★★★ Introduction ★★★

    You can manage and navigate HTML5 pages, JPEG photos and H.264 movies easily through Snaml Card Lite. All of them are organized in a Card like structure with Chapters and Pages. In browser window, you can be visit websites by hyperlink and backward. In Full screen browser, the long-press is backward to previous web. The double-tap switches to Snaml Cross Control.

    By switching to Snaml Cross Panel, which is a cross with four direction buttons and around four operation buttons, you can add current web site into Snaml Card Lite in any one of four directions. Snaml Cross Panel is designed by Filter UI. That is a preview of web view that is covered by a group of Light Filter UI. Each operation area is covered by its own color. For example, you can go to next page by clicking left button and so on. At the same time you can read short names of current page and its four neighbors. Therefore you know where to navigate. To organize Snaml Card Lite, you can click ADD, EXCH, or GO button then click one of a direction button to complete the operation. Simply clicking DEL button you can remove current page in Snaml Card Lite.

    ★★★ Key Features ★★★

    * Organize Web Sites in a Dynamic Book
    * Full screen Web Browsing
    * Easily Add, Delete, Exchange Web Pages in Snaml Card Lite
    * Convenient Book Navigation by clicking direction buttons
    * Snaml Cross for Quick view of Relationship
    * Flash and HTML5 video Playback
    * Pre-Category Websites in Snaml Card Lite

    ★★★ Use Case ★★★

    One use case of Snaml Card is to construct and read Personal Web Portal. For example, everyday you may need to

    * check EMAIL from your Gmail account;
    * look at friends in SOCIAL NETWORK like Facebook;
    * read global NEWS from CNN;
    * check SPORTS scores on NBA;
    * watch VIDEOS on Youtube;
    * SEARCH information from Google;
    * PLAY Web Games and so on.

    Snaml Card provides these web sites and catalog them in row and column. Each row is defined as a Chapter (Category) such as EMAIL, SEARCH; each item is defined as a Page. They are organized as a dynamic card.

    You may add a new EMAIL site to Snaml Card Lite by selecting ADD button to Snaml Cross. After clicking right button of the Snaml Cross, you add this web site as the next page of current email site. In the similar way you can create a new Chapter.

    Snaml Card for Android is a productivity tool to help you gain better mobile web experience. In addition, Snaml Card can bring you to the Mobile Internet world through HTML5.

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