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    The power of a standard Clipboard Manager, but also with total data security and sharing of data between all your computers.

    Have you ever sent yourself an email just to get a snippet of text from one computer to another? SnipFolio allows you to do essentially this in a much more elegant way. Even if you do not use the data sharing features, just using SnipFolio as a Clipboard Manager can increase your productivity and data security.

    SnipFolio's patent pending technology makes a unique and powerful tool.

    - It is a full-featured Clipboard Manager that records your clipboard history automatically and allows you to organize your data in separate lists.
    - It has a powerful security model that protects your data so you never expose sensitive data if you lose your phone.
    - It allows you to share data between systems so you can copy data in your desktop and paste it in your smartphone, or vice versa.

    SnipFolio records all text that passes through your system clipboard. If you are viewing a document (or web page, etc.) you can copy one snippet, then immediately copy another, then another. Then when you open SnipFolio, it shows you the clipboard history and you will see those last three entries you just copied.

    Call each piece of text (small or large) that passes through your system clipboard a "snippet". Besides showing you the history list of snippets, SnipFolio allows you to create permanent "snippet lists". You can copy (or move) snippets from your history to these user-defined lists so you can organize all your data.

    SnipFolio clearly displays what your current clipboard contents are, which is a useful little feature. It also lets you quickly clear it, which is another valuable feature by itself.

    If you copy a phone number, SnipFolio lets you dial it with one click. If you copy a web address, you can browse it with one click. With an address, you can map it with one click.

    By default, snippet lists are local to your system. But if you make a list "central", then that list is accessible by SnipFolio running on your other systems, like your home desktop, work desktop, etc. There is a companion desktop application (for all operating systems), which is a free download from the SnipFolio website:

    One valuable feature of SnipFolio is that it keeps your data COMPLETELY SECURE. All communication to access central list data is done using the HTTPS protocol, so SnipFolio can be used in an open public network with exposing your data to eavesdroppers.

    SnipFolio allows you to designate sensitive data as "hidden" snippets. This powerful feature makes SnipFolio secure enough to store credit card numbers, passwords, social security numbers, etc. Hidden snippets protect your data in several ways.

    First, those snippets are encrypted when stored. So even if a hacker gets access to the data storage, they cannot read the hidden data. Second, the contents of a hidden snippet is not automatically displayed in the UI. It asks for a password (which you set) to display the data, edit the data, or to put the snippet in the system clipboard. Third, if you place a hidden snippet in your system clipboard, then SnipFolio will AUTOMATICALLY clear the clipboard after a fixed period of time (meaning you will not forget that it is there and expose it later in a "paste").

    Because of all the protection afforded by hidden snippets, all your sensitive data is protected even if your phone is lost or stolen.



    Network Communication:
    Allows shared data access. Allows one-click browsing of copied web addresses. Allows one-click mapping of copied street addresses.

    Directly Call Phone Numbers:
    Allows one-click calling of copied phone numbers. (Calls are made only if user-initiated, never automatic.)

    Automatically Start at Boot:
    Start listening to the system clipboard after the system boots. This should not add any noticeable delay to the system start time.

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