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    Somali language (Afsoomaali) Dictionary plugin for Multiling O Keyboard autocorrect and word prediction

    ​ Install this plugin and Multiling O Keyboard.
    Run O Keyboard and follow its setup guide.
    Slide space bar to switch languages.

    If you have font issue, read this:

    Somali /sɵˈmɑːli/[3] (Af-Soomaali pronounced [æf sɔːˈmɑːli]) is an Afro-Asiatic language, belonging to that family's Cushitic branch. It is spoken as a mother tongue by ethnic Somalis in Greater Somalia and the Somali diaspora. Somali is an official language of the Federal Republic of Somalia, a national language in Djibouti, and a working language in the Somali region of Ethiopia. It is used as an adoptive language by a few neighboring ethnic minority groups and Individual


    Somali is classified within the Cushitic branch of the Afro-Asiatic family, specifically as Lowland East Cushitic along with Afar and Saho.[4] Somali is the best-documented Cushitic language,[5] with academic studies of it dating back to the late 19distributionEdit

    The Somali language is spoken by ethnic Somalis in Somalia, Djibouti, Ethiopia, Yemen and Kenya, and by the Somali diaspora. It is also spoken as an adoptive language by a few ethnic minority groups and individuals in these areas.

    Somali is the second most widely spoken Cushitic language after Oromo.[7]

    As of 2006, there were approximately 16.6 million speakers of Somali, of which about 8.3 million resided in Somalia.[8] The language is spoken by an estimated 95% of the country's inhabitants,[6] and also by a majority of the population in Djibouti.[9]

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