South Carolina Helmet Skin

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    ** Please note: This is not a standalone app; please purchase the South Carolina Spirit Keyboard before applying this skin.
    Now, even your smartphone’s keyboard can be smarter than a Clemson fan! The Adaptxt Helmet Keyboard has been developed in partnership with 2ThumbZ, and provides Gamecock fans a licensed app that displays their loyalty every time they text. More than just a pretty interface however, this keyboard includes multiple language options, advanced predictive text capabilities, and even a school-specific dictionary that features game-day phrases and the names of popular postgame hangout spots. Download yours today; because you’ve earned the right to be a little Cocky.
    The University of South Carolina keyboard gives you the best keystrokes per character. It knows the names of your favorite college athletes, local post-game bars and it even remembers game-day catchphrases. The college themed smartphone keyboard incorporates school pride into all of your apps, emails and text messages.

    College Theme Features:
    *Specialized dictionary with South Carolina specific jargon
    *Graphically rich Garnet and Black theme keyboard with the SC logo
    *A share key to update Facebook and Twitter directly from your keyboard

    Adaptxt Features:
    *Intelligent prediction and error correction in 81 languages
    *Three different auto correction modes to suit your typing style for the most accurate text entry
    *Automatic Text Replacement (ATR) to create custom shortcuts
    *Up to five dictionaries can be enabled on your Adaptxt keyboard at once, including SMS, College Themes, IT, Medical, Accounting and Legal
    *Clipboard with select, cut, copy, and paste functions and navigation keys

    Check out what users are saying:
    “This app changed my whole way of texting. I will never go back to the same keyboard again.”
    “I use the Adaptxt keyboard on my droid, it's cool and smart. It's a must try.”
    “Adaptxt is fantastic! Keep up the innovations.”

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