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    Turn your phone into your personal assistant who will read out Web Pages for you. The app is essentially a Web Browser having speaking capability - A Web Page Reader that speaks the Web for you. You can choose from which section of the page it should start speaking rather than speaking from the start.

    1. For best results, try the app with good TTS engines like SVOX or IVONA TTS. Pico TTS voice can sound bit mechanical.

    2. On Android devices > 2.2 (for example 2.3.5), make sure that you have TTS and its language data is installed properly. Otherwise you may observe behavior like the app quickly scrolls the page without speaking anything.

    3. Once the app has installed, do not launch it using the Android Market 'Open' button. Instead, always launch this app from normal Launcher (phone's applications menu) only. If this app is launched by Android Market app, it creates multiple instances of app which results in app not working properly. If you have launched it from Android Market, hit back button few times unless the application has completely exited.

    App Description:
    It is a true Web HTML TTS (Text to Speech) app - not only you see the full web page in the browser, you also see what portion of the page is being spoken out. Another great feature is the ability to pause speaking. The app is ad supported. This app turns your phone into 'not just a phone', and makes it a must have utility device.

    Whichever language is supported by your device default TTS engine, this app supports that language for speaking. Though User Interfaces is available for only English, Italian, French, German and Spanish.

    Apart from Internet access, the app also requires Phone Call State permission, so that if the app is speaking out the web page and any incoming call comes, the app can detect that and pause speaking. Once you are finish with the call, the app can be resumed speaking by choosing Speak.

    Once the app has launched, just open the web page (using the address bar or go to Search Websites Google, Yahoo or Bing by clicking on the buttons and then search and open the desired page) in the application - and once the page has loaded, hit the Menu button for options. Click on Speak and it will start speaking the web page with the section being spoken shown highlighted.

    If you don't want to start from the start of the page, scroll the page to your desired section such that it is positioned at the top left of the screen - then click on menu button and choose Screen Top.

    Some tips:
    1. The app has been tested for Android 2.2 (API 8) only on an Android phone. Though, it should work for previous versions as well, there can be some functionalities which may not work correctly.
    2. If your phone do not have Menu button (or some other mechanism through which you can invoke Options menu), you may not be able to use this app.
    3. The app has not been tested on Tablets.
    4. If you click on Menu button, and options are grayed out, the page has not been fully loaded. Dismiss the menu and wait for some time.
    5. To correctly position the section where you want the app to start speaking, use horizontal/vertical scroll and zoom.
    6. Swipe zoom does not automatically relayouts the page, zoom control buttons do.
    7. You can instantly try out the app on the first launch by asking the app to speak the already loaded instructions page.
    8. While reading out WikiPedia, It is suggested that you first expand (unhide) all the sections of the page, before you ask app to speak. The app by default does not speak hidden sections.
    9. The app does not detect language of the page automatically - you need to manually change spoken language by going to settings of the app. Hit the Menu button and choose Settings.
    10. The app uses device's default TTS engine for it's TTS related settings.

    Do check out the settings page to see what is more on the store.

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