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    Speedy Reader is an app that will help you to speed read.
    "It's like injecting words directly into your veins!"

    You can practice on really great, interesting, insightful news articles. It uses RSVP (Rapid Serial Visual Presentation) to display words one at a time so you are forced into a fast pace. By displaying the words fast enough, you reducing sub-vocalizations (talking to yourself), and eliminate most of the inefficiency associated with slow reading. Also, by displaying the words in the same place, you eliminate the time it takes for your eyes to go back and forth. With practice, you can get up to 800 - 1200 words per minute (WPM)!

    * Send content or web pages to the app to speed read them and save time. (New)
    * Displays really great, insightful news articles. Be fully informed in a fraction of the time!
    * Saves your place and speed when stopped. Pick up where you left off.
    * Keeps 30 minutes of reading material in memory in case you lose connection.

    * Press the screen to start and pause.
    * Use the volume rocker buttons to go faster and slower. It starts at 300 WPM.
    * Long press on the screen to display extra actions like Share or Skip. Email yourself an article you'd like to read in more detail.
    * Try to increase the speed each day until you can keep the same comprehension level.
    * When you reach The End, wait a few moments (if you were skipping fast) to a day (if you really spent a lot of time reading) for new content to appear. Just click it again to refresh.
    * In other apps, share to Speedy Reader to speed read the content.
    * Make suggestions or bug reports here:

    * Speedy Reader takes the best articles from Reddit, from the best sub-reddits: TrueReddit, FoodForThought, and Economics.
    * It is similar to a combination of Readability and Spreeder, without using either.

    Future Features:
    * Personalized settings to control the brightness (dark background) and font size.
    * Display article pictures in the word stream.
    * Control which sub-reddits are scanned.
    * Custom RSS feeds.

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