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    SSHelper is an advanced, multi-protocol, secure server for the Android platform.

    SSHelper works just fine with a normal, unrooted Android device — i.e. your device. It also offers special features on rooted devices.

    SSHelper works as an application and as a service. As a service it runs in the background, providing secure communications protocols without requiring user attention.

    SSHelper supports interactive Secure Shell (hereafter SSH) sessions and various kinds of transfers including scp, sftp, and rsync, on all common platforms:

    On Windows, SSHelper works with WinSCP, PuTTY and similar programs.

    On Linux, apart from normal SSH shell session activities, SSHelper can be used directly with file browsers for seamless filesystem browsing and transfers by specifying the "sftp:" protocol.

    On the Mac, SSHelper works with Cyberduck and similar programs.

    SSHelper versions >= 7.8 accepts any network type that Android recognizes -- it's no longer limited to wireless networks.

    SSHelper announces itself on your network by way of Zeroconf/Bonjour, an efficient way to configure a local network.

    SSHelper includes a log monitor Web server showing an activity log on local network browsers.

    SSHelper also includes a clipboard Web server that permits read/write access to the Android clipboard from local network browsers.

    SSHelper is free, open-source and there are no ads. It's licensed under the GPL and the source is freely available.

    The SSHelper Home Page is located at -- visit for more information and configuration tips.

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    Karl Kraus

    by Karl Kraus

    Aug 09, 2017  |  "Awesome"

    This app is just awesome. I can finally fully automatically sync my music library to my phone. Thank you so much!

    Arnaldo Mandel

    by Arnaldo Mandel

    Jul 25, 2017  |  "Awesome"

    I have been using it for 5 years now, seamlessly integrated in several workflows. A few years back I bounced into some problems and felt the need for some features. Paul's support was totally forthcoming, approaching positively all of my complaints and suggestions. This is top quality app, by a top quality developer (besides, there is a lot to learn and think about on his website).

    AlBecca Petrie

    by AlBecca Petrie

    Jul 24, 2017  |  "Awesome"

    Extremely useful. Thanks

    Some User183

    by Some User183

    Jul 09, 2017  |  "Awesome"

    Tried to login and scp a file to my desktop - it just worked out of the box. This is much more useful than the crappy MTP Android suggests to use.

    Tyler Style

    by Tyler Style

    Jul 08, 2017  |  "Awesome"

    Rock solid app that gives me all the good bits for Android access from my LInux box. Nicely done!

    Vasco Ferraz

    by Vasco Ferraz

    Jun 29, 2017  |  "Awesome"

    All developers should use this application as a guide on how to code without advertising, fees, bloatware, clickbaits, donations... This application represents the pure opensource community. Thank you so much for your amazing work.