Stop`n`bill trial




    collect billable hours from any time periods
    sort and view all clients with outstanding hours to bill
    easily send invoices to the clients
    track payments and check the clients with remaining balance
    send a reminder of an invoice to the non-payed clients.

    Stop’n’Bill is an app made by freelances for freelances. All developers of this software have years of experience of direct interaction with clients, and this software was created to resolve two major problems associated with freelance: hours lost due to time-tracking flaws and delayed payments due to invoicing issues, as well as payment methods complexity.

    This app provides freelances with an easy tool, which will allow them to track multiple clients and projects with mathematical precision, easily populate bills without losing any payable hours send the invoices with an option to immediately pay it.

    Imagine getting paid BEFORE you left the office of your client! Now you can.

    How many times you have forgotten about hour here and half an hour there? probably more than ones. If you did it ever - this app is for you. Imagine never losing any time because you forgot about it before sending the next bill or because it was so long ago that you couldn’t explain what was exactly done. Imagine having a clear picture of how much money you need to collect and who needs to get a reminder on his balance.

    Imagine doing your billing while communing! Now it’s an option.
    You will get free trial only once for 3 weeks from the day you install it.

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