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Super GeoGPS Full

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    Super GeoGPS Full version with a fully-featured

    This is the best tool for those working in surveying, mapping, construction, transportation, planning... It supports high precision GPS and Glonass navigation in fieldwork surveys.

    This tool is designed for Civil Engineer, Surveyor, Civil Surveyor, Land Surveying and Topografia

    The typical functions of Super GeoGPS:
    Super GeoGPS: Available many common reference systems, allows to set up more other reference systems.
    Super GeoGPS: Easy to finding waypoint on any reference coordinate systems by display direction, compass, distance, load Google maps. (for Civil Engineer and Surveyor)
    Super GeoGPS: Used 7 transformations parameters to automatically convert between Geographic and UTM Coordinates. Synchronize Google map with UTM zone.
    Super GeoGPS: Support convert between Geographic and UTM coordinates. Convert UTM coordinates between different zone.
    Super GeoGPS: Measuring current waypoint high precision. Routing and automatically collect coordinates on the way by cycle preset then create a text file coordinates to easily attach to email or export to your computer.
    Super GeoGPS: Avoid stray is tool will marking point along the way and shows direction to come back, It support those who take the survey in the forests and mountains, sea, or traveling.
    Super GeoGPS: Support GPS and Glonass
    - Geological Compass tool
    - Management of waypoint file (multi waypoint file)
    - Export waypoint file to excel or text file
    - Touch on Google map to add point
    - Calculate the area (2D)
    - Geological camera
    - Compass adjustment
    Super GeoGPS
    - Fast config
    - Add all of WGS84 central meridian.
    - Tools for measuring distance between 2 devices
    Super GeoGPS - Geodetic coordinates/UTM with:
    - WGS1984
    - WGS1972
    - NAD1983/1927
    - VN2000
    - Austria NS
    - Belgium 50
    - Nouv Trig de France 1

    Super GeoGPS support 6 common language in the world (English, French, Chinese, Russia, Spanish and Vietnamese)

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