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    Super task killer
    Feel your smartphone is becoming slower and slower? Fell the battery life of your smartphone is shorter and short? Crazy about some unwanted running apps and service that you can not stop them? You need super task killer.

    Why my smartphone is becoming slower and slower?
    That is because so many apps and service are running in your smartphone. Those running apps and service are taking RAM space and CPU becomes dull. No enough available RAM space and CPU is not smart, then of course your smartphone will becoming slower and slower.

    Why the battery life of your smartphone is shorter and short?
    That is also because so many apps and service are running in your smartphone. Some apps will auto start even after killing them, which will also short your batter life.

    Super Task Killer can help you solve these problems. It helps you kill running apps and service. Free RAM space and memory, speed up your smartphone and extend the battery life.

    1.Scan all running apps and service
    2.Kill selected running apps and service
    3.Ignore list to ignore apps and service that need not to be killed
    4.Auto end list to auto end apps and service.
    5.Widget enables you one click to kill all running apps to free memory.
    6. Easy uninstall apps.
    7.Free RAM space and memory, improve speed and save power.

    How to use Super task killer?
    It is pretty simple to use the app. Open the app, there are two list: running apps and running service. In running apps list, select apps you want to kill and click “Kill”, those selected apps will be stopped. Long press any app, you can add this app to Ignore list or Auto end list or start it or uninstall it. In running service list, select running service to kill them. From “Details”, you can know all your apps both downloaded and system apps, and those on SD card. In running list, click any app, you can know the detailed running service for this app, then you can kill any service as you like.

    What is Ignore list for?
    If you add one app to ignore list, when you kill all apps, the apps in the ignore list will not be killed. Long press the app, you can add the app to ignore list.

    What is Auto end list for?
    Auto end list is for kill apps automatically which can free RAM and memory and save battery .Long press one app you can add this app to auto end list. In “Rules settings” ,you can set the rules for auto end apps. First turn on “Auto end process”, and then you can select the auto end interval, when screen closed, every 30m, every 1h, 2h,or 4h. In “Auto end rules”, you can select auto end apps in Auto end list or just end user or all apps except apps in Ignore list.

    Why choose Super task killer?
    Other task killer apps can only kill running apps but can not kill running service. When some apps are killed, service of the killed app may still running in the backstage. Only if you kill running apps as well as running service, can you free RAM space, then speed up your smartphone.

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