Surah Ikhlas




    Surah Ikhlas was revealed in Makah and it has 4 verses. Recitation of this surah brings a reward equivalent to reciting one-third of the Quran. There are many benefits of reciting this surah :
     The person who recites Surah Ikhlas regularly is considered as clean and pure.
     Reciting this surah enhances ones wisdom and whatever they do, they will get success in their life.
     Reciting Surah Ikhlas will give protection against every kind of affliction and calamity
     Reciting it before going to bed protects you from all kinds of harm and evil.
     It is a source of forgiveness from Allah
     Whoever recites this Surah regularly, secures a place in Jannat

    Key features:
    • This app offers a wide variety of languages for the Surah and is currently available in Urdu, English and Arabic.
    • Beautiful recitation/ Tilawat of the Surah.
    • It includes video/ mp4, audio/mp3 and written text of Surah Ikhlas along with the translation /tarjuma– available in both English and Urdu.
    • Complete and comprehensive meaning in Urdu and English, word by word / ayat by ayat, making it easier to understand the essence of the Surah.
    • English, urdu and Arabic text.
    • A brief history of the given Surah is also available.
    • The app is user friendly and easily operable with a short menu from where you can easily select your options.
    • The soft and distinct color theme makes it more appealing and easier to read. The font is just the perfect size for you to read it clearly.
    • Beautiful and understandable writing.

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