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    SWITCHER All-In-One (AIO) - English
    - Manages the status of the phone (wifi, 3g, ringtone, bluetooth):
    - during work or school
    - during meetings
    - during the holidays
    - Store Memos and Notes with audio, videos, and generic attachments
    - Can be synchronized with your Google calendars
    - Automatically sets the alarm clock
    - Allows you to search through your commitments
    - Informs you with notifications and widgets also in the lock screen
    - Android wear support
    and much more.

    NOT FULL COMPATIBLE WITH Android 6.0 Marshmallow DOZE MODE.

    Finally you do not have to worry about the smartphone while you work or study. With "Switcher (AIO)" just set your weekly timetable (work, school or university), decide what activate and when (ringer, wifi, bluetooth, 3G), and solve once and for all problems of unwanted rings saving battery turning bluetooth, wifi or 3G when you know that you will not need. The same is for your Agenda.

    The required permissions are used ONLY for the operation of the program;
    LANGUAGES: English, French, Italian (automatic).

    The app consists of two main sections, one runs the weekly working hours, the other commitments and extra notes.

    The schedule is divided into MODULES (adjustable from 5 to 120 min) In which you can enter a note and choose a CONTEXT ie a situation. There are 10 CONTEXT within which specify the states of the volume (normal, silent, vibration, automatic), wifi (on, off, automatic), bluetooth and 3G state.
    (The word "automatic" means that the app does not acts on the state); the default context name can be varied.
    For each day you can decide whether to activate the alarm automatically based on time of day and its advance of the start of work; the alarm is connected to the time, if you change yours hours or you do not work, the alarm will move accordingly.
    With the "menu" button, you can set all the parameters of TIMETABLE, AGENDA and GENERAL.
    By clicking on the column of the days of the week you can change the settings for that day; you can copy an entire day .
    Acting on the row modules can vary the length ie for interval or lunch.
    By pressing the icon with the 4 arrows in the upper left you move to the current module.
    The top bar from right to left is the ON/OFF button, the copy cells (CC: one click to activate, another to deactivate), the key information (I), which show the hourly chart saved in use (a * indicates that the table has been changed after saving). It's possible to save timetables with different settings).

    Commitments/Agenda :
    It's possible to insert Commitments and Memos non-repetitives; for the commitments you must indicate the context (which elements enable: Sound, WiFi, Bluet,..). A visual and audible notification alerts the approaching event; after the deadline you may want to store it permanently or temporarily.
    The items included in the agenda can be automatically synchronized with the local calendar.

    You can also activate only one of the two sections (Timetable or Agenda).

    From the "menu" button you can access to the next section, to the calendar, to the settings, to save/restore, to reset, to exit.
    The application updates its state at the exit but you can also use the Menu/Exit.
    An icon in the taskbar notification system provide informations on commitments and the status of the application; through the notification is possible to disable the application for a module or for a day (reactivation is automatic), open the application for the modification or temporary disable the notification itself until the next module (for a permanent deactivation go into Settings/General).

    Now are availables also widgets.

    The program is currently being tested and did not have banners and it doesn't requires internet access.

    A brief guide is present in the program.

    Not optimized for tablets.

    Sorry for my english.

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