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    Tangerino is a cloud-based time tracking app that allows your employees to clock in and out from the job site.

    Your employees can track time quickly and easily, with handy clock in/out reminders, employee breaks and overtime alerts to keep everyone on the same page.

    It's good to employee and still better for employer.

    Tangerino app is a whole complete system for enterprises punch controlling.
    It helps them to make an exact control on the employees during the working hours.

    -Tangerino’s goal is to allow the companies managers to make an efficient punch control, in-person staff and external professionals and employees in the home office system.
    -Integrating the app with the mobile device's GPS system allows you to track the opening and closing locations of the points in addition to the time. Tangerino can also be used in places that don’t provide an internet connection.

    How does punch control work for the company?

    To get started with optimised time tracking, all you have to do is creating a Tangerino Web account and signing up for your employees. All informations are consolidated in one place and reports are generated in a few clicks!
    With the punch control’s app you can generate time sheet reports, close the time sheet and control your employees' overtime in a simplified way. It also allows you to generate graphs for productivity analysis.


    How does punch control work for employees?
    Employees only need to download the app on their phones or tablets(Android and iPhone) and make the hours control normally through Tangerino.
    In addition to opening and closing the dots, they will also be able to send photos to the system in order to check the opening and closing punches.

    What benefits does Tangerino provide?

    -Check punch
    -External team management
    -Simplified management of employee registration
    -Registration of timesheet
    -Registration of holidays
    -Simplified working hours control;
    -Control of the beginning and the end of each activity
    -Monitoring the location of employees via GPS
    -Management of employee productivity;
    -Generate accurate management reports with few clicks
    -Simplified payroll

    Accurate, electronic time data replaces paper timesheets and makes payroll and invoicing faster and less costly.

    Can Tangerino be integrated with the clock?
    Yes! The application is compatible with the leading timepieces on the market.

    How does punch control work where the internet is missing?
    Tangerino saves all punches on the tablet or mobile phone , they are inaccessible by employees so that they are synchronised when the device is connected.
    This can be done daily, weekly or even once a month. This process is defined by you through the app settings!

    Which companies can use the Tangerino Point Control app?
    All companies that want to involve the manual processes of control with point card and time clock. Entrepreneurs who need to easily control the punch of employees and especially companies that have employees who work externally.

    Is Tangerino Punch Control Application Safe?
    We operate with 100% secure cloud servers and a robust and innovative infrastructure. Tangerino offers a great control and easiness in the management of hours worked by its employees. No scratches and no cheating.


    Tangerino is the best option for your employees to record the hours worked!

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