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    TaskMe2 to do, memo, anniversar

    *(Remove existing widgets when there is an error in the back and re-register)*

    (***Read related synchronization ***)
    * First job: Android default preferences -> Accounts & sync -> (Select account) -> check the calendar synchronization
    TaskOfMe2-> Menu -> Calendar () will display a list synchronization, press accounts. Google Calendar account, if you select to start synchronization.
    If there are many existing calendar data may take longer.
    * Does not yet support syncing thing. Some items of the schedule will be synchronized.
    * When connected my account to a modification in the deletion will be synchronized in real time, adding
    * Web or other calendar app modified entry menu -> Calendars () synchronization is reflected by pressing
    (Only reflect deletion should not be my day and my need to reflect on the ten thousand and two, delete an account from the modification will be added to calendar when saving again).
    * If you want to change account -> from config

    Add calendar widget
    Each time you type an entry registered with the content appears in the calendar widget.

    To a variety of management and notes, Voice Memo to support a management application is very simple to do.

    0. Key Features
    - Calendar View and D-day of memorial day (Lunar Day Support)
    - Support voice input
    - Delegation of work to do, cancel, pause, complete feature set, including details
    - Specifies the color of a variety of background colors on the screen can be configured the desired action.
    - Ability to manage the progress of work
    - Developer's quick answer .. ^^;

    1. Configure the main screen
    - To date a list management (add, modify, delete, share, etc.)
    - Do a quick input
    - Menu button
    - Memo & Resources
    - Anniversary
    - Revisiting the past to do
    - Last year the History Archive
    - Daily/period/calendar switch
    - SMS add
    - Preferences
    - Batch delete the
    - Sort
    - Import
    - Export
    - Quit
    - Memo and Other Resources Button
    - Anniversary buttons

    2. Resources screen
    - The date set interval function (default is 1 year)
    - Additional Resources
    - Notes
    - URL Link
    - Voice memo

    3. Anniversary of the configuration screen
    - Anniversary List
    - Add Day
    - Solar/lunar
    - Year Repeat / Month Repeat
    - Notification

    4. Preferences
    - Select a language
    - Work Background Color
    - Set the background color of the widget
    - Importance Color
    - General character set solid
    - Monochrome Set widget text
    - Check Icon '' display
    - Calendar View mode
    - default sort setting
    - Fixed Single Line
    - Add to Before Task
    - Start and End Dates set equal to
    - After completing Delete task
    - Quick task input start and end dates the same day.
    - Lock feature is used
    - Enter the password set

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