Synchronize tasks and schedule appointments with your colleagues. Plan and organize projects as team and never send reply-to-all emails again. Stay always up-to-date by syncing checklists with your friends. Join errands and talk about them directly in the task related chat room. Become a self-organized team by joining scheduled tasks.

    taskmind helps your team:
    ● Delegate tasks to each other
    ● Have finished tasks confirmed by the creators of those tasks
    ● Distribute tasks more effectively so no single team member ends up too busy

    Utilize taskmind to provide relief against the daily data flood:
    ● Have a live chat with others about a certain task instead of writing cumbersome emails
    ● Organize your task list using tags and projects
    ● Attach your documents to your tasks and store them centrally
    ● See at first glance what you have achieved today and what is still to be done.

    Use taskmind also in your private life - it is well worth your while!

    Frequently Asked Questions:
    ● Why do I have to sign in?
    taskmind is a cloud tool to communicate and schedule tasks in teams. You need a unique identifier to proper use taskmind.
    ● Do I need internet access?
    You can create your tasks on the go offline and sync them when you are online again.
    ● When do I need to buy a license on
    taskmind Free has restricted functionality but you don’t need to pay for the most important features of taskmind which are: create tasks, add contacts, group tasks, live chat.
    You can try taskmind for 30 days free with full functionality in your web browser on your computer:

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