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    Unleash the power of your device and make it your personal assistant. TaskPad integrates seamlessly with your device's camera, voice recorder, address book and alarms effectively taking your productivity to next level.

    Unlike, first generation todo lists (GTD tools), TaskPad allows effective and user-friendly support for categorization and prioritization of tasks by using quadrants and folders. TaskPad is simple but advanced tool allowing you to prioritize your tasks and todo items based on Return on Time Invested (ROTI). TaskPad helps you to work on more result oriented tasks at all times.

    TaskPad will be highly effective for working professionals, executives, lawyers/attorneys, financial consultants, entrepreneurs, students, busy parents, housewives/home makers.

    TaskPad Top Features
    - Customizable quadrants to prioritize tasks
    - Organize tasks in to your own folders
    - Color code folders
    - Attach voice notes, picture notes and a contact from address book.
    - Add begin date/ due date/ reminders
    - Beautiful 4x1 widget displaying your reminders. Also, allows you to access all TaskPad features from one place.
    - To add widget, long press on your home screen, then choose widgets option and then choose TaskPad.
    - Link to help/faq page on almost all screens.

    Other features
    - Add, delete and manage tasks/todo items.
    - View tasks in different perspectives.
    - Option to view all overdue tasks/today's tasks/done tasks/all task etc.
    - Quickly search your tasks /todo items using search bar.
    - Option to global search a.k.a search your tasks out side of TaskPad.
    - Option to switch between quadrant view and full screen view.
    - Two beautiful and easy to use widgets.
    - Access almost all features from one place.
    - Reminders are refreshed every hour on your device desktop.
    - Also has button to proactively view all reminders at one place or use next/prev buttons on device desktop to navigate through reminders.

    - Quadrants can be customized to suit your style. The out of box quadrants are
    - Forward tasks (Helps you to progress towards goal)
    - Neutral (Helps you to stay where you are like paying bills and grocery)
    - Park (Tasks that can wait(on back burner) until your further review)
    - Reverse (Time waster tasks that can hamper your progress)

    The customizable quadrants makes TaskPad a favorite tool for people who believe in following The Seven Habits of Highly Effective People or 'first things first'.

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