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    With the Mobile Print app, you can use your Android mobile device to discover compatible TA/UTAX printing devices on your local Wi-Fi network. If supported by your printing device, Wi-Fi Direct lets you connect directly to a printing device without a local Wi-Fi network. When connected, you can do the following:

    • Print photos and documents stored on your Android mobile device. Mobile Print can handle a wide range of file formats, including .PDF, .JPG, .PNG, .TIFF, and .TXT. You can also print .HTML files at lower resolution
    • Scan your documents on a compatible printing device and save them to your Android mobile device or a supported external service
    • Attach and send documents that are stored within the app by email
    • Print webpages accessed through the app's built-in web browser

    The following external services are supported in Mobile Print:
    • Dropbox
    • Evernote
    • OneDrive
    • SMB (Shared Folder)

    The Mobile Print app is compatible with the following Android mobile devices and TA/UTAX printing devices:
    • Android mobile devices running Android version 4.4 or later
    • TA/UTAX printing devices that support PDF Direct Print 1.4 or later

    Supported TA/UTAX models:

    CLP 3635_CLP 4635, CLP 3626_CLP 4626, CLP 3621_CLP 4621, CLP 3630_CLP 4630, CLP 3521_CLP 4521
    LP 3235_LP 4235, LP 3240_LP 4240, LP 3245_LP 4245
    LP 3230_LP 4230
    CDC 1725_DCC 2725, CDC 1730_DCC 2730, CDC 1740_DCC 2740, CDC 1840_DCC 2840
    CD 1028_DC 2028, CD 1128_DC 2128 DC 2228 DC 2328
    CLP 3550_CLP 4550
    CD 1242_DC 2242, CD 1252_DC 2252
    CD 1430_DC 2430
    CDC 1850_DCC 2850
    LP 3335_LP 4335
    CD 1340_DC 2340, CD 1440_DC 2440
    CDC 1626_DCC 2626, CDC 1726_DCC 2726
    CLP 3721_CLP 4721, CLP 3726_CLP 4726
    CD 5025_DC 6025, CD 5030_DC 6030
    CDC 5520_DCC 6520, CDC 5525_DCC 6525
    CDC 1930_DCC 2930, CDC 1935_DCC 2935, CDC 1945_DCC 2945, CDC 1950_DCC 2950
    CDC 1965_DCC 2965, CDC 1970_DCC 2970
    CD 1435_DC 2435, CD 1445_DC 2445, CD 1455_DC 2455
    CD 1465_DC 2465, CD 1480_DC 2480
    CD 5140_DC 6140, CD 5240_DC 6240
    CD 5140L_DC 6140L, CD 5240L_DC 6240L
    CDC 5526_DCC 6526, CDC 5626_DCC 6626
    CDC 5526L_DCC 6526L, CDC 5626L_DCC 6626L
    CD 5230_DC 6230, CD 5135_DC 6135, CD 5235_DC 6235, CD 5130_DC 6130
    256i, 306i
    206ci, 256ci
    P-6030DN, P-5030DN, P-4530DN, P-4030DN, P-4030D
    P-C5580DN, P-C4580DN
    3005ci, 3505ci, 4505ci, 5505ci
    3555i, 4555i, 5555i
    6555i, 8055i
    6505ci, 7505ci
    3560i, 3060i
    P-4030 MFP, P-4035 MFP, P-4030i MFP, P-4035i MFP, P-5035i MFP, P-6035i MFP
    P-C2160DN, P-C2660DN, P-C2660DN BM, P-C3060DN, P-3521DN, P-C3570DN
    P-3020 MFP, P-3025 MFP, P-3520 MFP, P-3525 MFP, P-C2660 MFP, P-C2665 MFP, P-C2660 MFP BM, P-C2665 MFP BM, P-C2660i MFP, P-C2665i MFP, P-C2660i MFP BM, P-C2665i MFP BM, 261ci
    P-C3565i MFP, P-C3560i MFP, P-C3065 MFP, P-C3060 MFP, P-C4070DN, P-C3560DN, P-C3061DN
    300ci, 350ci, 400ci
    6006ci, 5006ci, 4006ci, 3206ci, 2506ci, 6056i, 5056i, 4056i
    3561i, 3061i

    (some devices may not be available in your region)

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