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TCP Communicator PRO

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    TCP Communicator PRO

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    This is a Business app, studies for Business needs.

    This app enables you to connect your smartphone/tablet to any device which provides an ASCII communication protocol.

    You can send secific commands to the device and read the response in real time, with a user friendly graph where you can see the values, choosing what to display and some statistics to check communication strength.

    You can also reply the read data to a specific IP address or to a .NET Web Service!

    Available communication protocols:
    - TCP: Tx/Rx mode or only Rx
    - UDP: available soon

    Available command terminators:
    - CR+LF
    - CR
    - LF
    - ETX
    - EOT

    This app is studied to run on 10 inches tablet (firsts screenshots), or any other device with a screen of 3 inches at least.

    The DEMO version has theese limitations:
    - Connection time with the device of 1 minute max.
    - Only one device can be configured
    - The "Reply to IP" and "Reply to Web Service" features are disabled.

    To get a documentation of the Web Service requirements or if you need a customized version, please send me an email to:

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