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    Where is your data? Go get it with TechnoData. Flexible mobile data collection.

    TechnoData is the starting point of a new line of data collection products from Technocision, Inc. Its flexibility satisfies a wide variety of data collection needs. Delivery on a great mobile platform enables you to go get your data, wherever it might be.

    In addition to collecting data from the user, you can collect data from the many sensors on your Android device, as well as the GPS, camera, video recorder, and microphone. You can scan barcodes and NFC tags. Signatures, drawings, and speech-to-text data can also be collected.

    You define data collection templates from base data field types, including: float, integer, multiple choice lists, date, time, text, email, phone, file, image, audio, video, GPS position, Map Position, NFC, barcode, and many supported Android sensors. You can define your own sub-types and groups of fields by combining base types.

    In addition to a data type, each field specifies a method for collecting the data for the field, including keyboard entry, multiple choice lists, button-push capture of sensor data, speech-to-text, browsing for previously-collected data, recording data, and fully automatic.

    You also define the order to collect the fields and rules for collecting each field. Is it required or optional? Can it be repeated? Is one field dependent upon another? Do some fields need to be grouped together? Are there default, minimum, or maximum values? Are there relationships between groups of fields? And starting with v2.0.0, you can specify that your data in "unordered", and that fields can be collected and corrected in whatever order is most convenient.

    All of these options and more allow you to specify your data collection requirements, whether you need a simple grocery list, a complex electronic business form, or something in between to track that prized collection of rare guitars or exotic tiki mugs!

    TechnoData uses the templates and rules you define to control and guide you through the data collection. During and after collection, the data can be viewed, sorted, searched, edited, and managed. Data is stored in XML files so you can share it with other TechnoData users, or use it in other applications. Your data templates can be shared with other users so they can collect the same types of data, too. The data can also be exported in other text formats, including csv.

    If you have data to collect and organize, particularly when you're on the go, TechnoData may be just the solution you need.

    For more information, see the TechnoData product overview information in the Products section of our website at Register at our site and you can also review the full User Manual in our Resources section. It contains over 100 pages of screen shots and detailed reference information.

    If you encounter issues with TechoData, please register at our website and use the Issue Report form you will find in the Support section after you log in. There is also a Customer Support Question form. Or you can email us at We will do our best to fix problems as quickly as we can.

    We have a good deal more functionality planned for upcoming releases, including more connectivity and data sharing options. Of course, licensed users will receive free upgrades. If a feature you need isn't listed for one of our releases, let us know and we'll see if we can work it into our plans. We'd love to hear from you!

    Before purchasing, you can review the TechnoData End-User License Agreement (EULA) in the Resources section of our website.

    Thank you !!!

    PS - We only deliver application software - there's no annoying, space-wasting advertising in TechnoData!

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