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    Tekla BIMsight Note for fast communication

    Use your mobile device to take part in BIM workflow!

    Tekla BIMsight Note is a purpose-built tool for instant communication in construction. You can receive and reply to notes created in Tekla BIMsight with your Android device. Share it with your colleagues to benefit from the seamless model based communication.

    Purpose of the app

    BIM-based communication is readily available on-site or on-the-move with your mobile device and access to a PC is not required. This communication trail is maintained within the Tekla BIMsight project. Tekla BIMsight Note completes the communication loop by bringing BIM within everyone’s reach regardless of their computing or CAD skills. It is as easy to use as text message or email.

    Basic workflow

    # User creates a Note using full Tekla BIMsight
    # Note is shared from Tekla BIMsight by using email or Dropbox
    # Receiver uses Tekla BIMsight Note to read and reply to the Note
    # The note can be read back into Tekla BIMsight project with the added comments OR shared with other Tekla BIMsight Note users

    Tekla BIMsight Note depends on full Tekla BIMsight to be used on the Design Coordination process; the findings, like clashes, design issues, RFIs or change orders can be easily communicated from Tekla BIMsight to users of Tekla BIMsight Note.

    Feature list:
    *Read .bcfzip notes (created e.g. in Tekla BIMsight, Tekla Structures, DDS-CAD, Solibri)
    *Reply to notes via email or Dropbox
    *Delete notes
    *Tap to zoom to snapshot in note
    *Notes automatically sorted according to the project they're related to

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