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    ・There is not the widget, but recommends installation after the operation check in "Tel4".
    (The registration information is not copied from Tel4 to Tel8plus.
    Tel4 is just available, too)

    ・I can call a partner (8 places) talking on the telephone well with 2 taps.
    ・The registration chooses it than a telephone book and sets it.
    ・I search it from the telephone book which there was not in Tel4 and can register.
    ・Registration information is not changed automatically even if I change a telephone book. Re-registration is necessary.(At the time of phone number changes)

    ・It becomes the size using 100%(4×4) of screens.
    ・I can talk on the telephone with 1 tap.
    ・When the number of the letters on the button is long, I am sharp on the way, but can talk on the telephone without a problem.
    ・Because the letter on the button is not reflected after registration immediately, let me reflect it with "Name Reload" button.
    ・A button and the letter are made slightly bigger to be easy to talk on the telephone.
    ・Because I talk on the telephone with 1 tap, please warn a screen when I slide.(The developer slides in the vicinity of "Name ReLoad" of the screen upper part)

    ・Gift = Japanese OMAKE Culture
    ・Manual operation inputs the name and a phone number and uses it.(2 places)
    ・It is not enrolled in a telephone book.
    ・It becomes the size using 25%(4×1) of the screen.
    ・Other matters that require attention are the usually same as widget

    ・Because a letter was small by the short cut, I was inconvenient when I hurried.

    Docomo f SH-13C (Android 2.3) Japan

    ・"800×480" Over
    ・Because there is the possibility that is not displayed normally in "480×320" or less, please warn him.

    *There is "Tel4plus" for a 4 place.
    *There is "Tel6plus" for a 6 place.

    **Sorry for your inconvenience but please identify widget indication as application indication just after installation.
    Please input a model into comment if you like.

    *Because I make English by translation software, I think that it is incomprehensible, but approve it.